• Yes they should

    They should get paid in college because they work just as hard as NFL players. So why not pay them? They could put that money towards so many important things. For example school debts, New car, Apartments, School books if they still use them. But they should get paid because they could do so many different things with their money like invest it, Put it into savings, Or saved it all up. Soo if you disagree with me then don't even at me. Because the 69% of us can make a big ol argument about how they should. DON'T AT ME BRO

  • They pay to get in collage and its lots of money.

    Some people would say that college kids would just spend their money on things they don't need. Like drugs or alcohol. Some kids are smarter than that and will use that money to pay off college debts or get a new car or something like that. Also if they are in a good collage they will be from a good family who has money and they probably won't be a bad person.

  • Yes they should get paid

    They should get paid because student athletes work hard when they play sports and they represent their team also most of the time they put on a good show on tv and if they are on tv then they should totally get paid. In my opinion I like baseball a lot and if I play in college then I would want to be paid

  • Yes they should

    Collage athletes should get paid because it is like people in the army work and fight for a country. Athletes play so the schools can be famous and cool and also so it can be respected by other schools. Lets work for our freedom By O. Garcia. Respect be cool

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  • College athletes should absolutely be paid to play.

    Colleges have far more than enough money to pay these athletes. For example, the texas longhorns made nearly 124 million dollars off of sports alone in the past couple of years. The NCAA could also chip in. For example, last year in the 3 weeks of march madness the NCAA made over 9 billion dollars. I don't see any issues here.

  • Yes, they should be paid.

    College athletes should receive some type of stipend for playing sports. We hear to often how athletes go to college praying that they make it to pros so that they can help take care of their families. We have to admit some of the players do have children by the time they go to college. They do not have time to get part-time jobs because they are so busy trying to perfect their craft and maintain their GPA to keep their scholarship.

  • Because they work hard

    Yes they should get paid because they get hert all the time and they would have to get surgry and that would not be fair if they had to pay it all by there own cash. That would be far to get payed for playing that would not be far.

  • Only Division 1 Athletes Should

    Now I'm not trying to rag on the other divisions, but the Division 1 kids work their tails off to get to where they are and I think they should be paid in some manner. They should not be given contracts though. They should be paid through a way of getting free meals, and getting this amount of money every week from the school to spend on whatever they wish to spend the money on.

  • Yes, they should be.

    Yes, I do think they should be paid for their playing of sports. The reason is because they are bringing in a lot of revenue to these universities and colleges. I know they are getting a free ride scholarship and everything, but education should be free anyway, and those kids work their tails off.

  • There are laws against it

    • It is well known that college sports bring in big profits to colleges and universities in the United states. Specifically the primary contributors are football and men’s Basketball. So, do the players in these sports deserve the big bucks or should they be satisfied with a scholarship that gives them a university degree? But then what about the waterpolo players, or the baseball players, or all of the women’s sports teams. Now think about this, how much would you pay to a powerful quarterback of a football team compared to a women’s basketball point guard. I make this comparison to illustrate my next point.

    What about Title 9? Title 9 of the US Civil Rights act of 1964 clearly states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of gender, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance”. So paying only male football and basketball players could cancel federal financing assistance and possibly be considered illegal and stimulate some lawsuits.

  • No they should not

    College athletes should not be paid by the school but, it may be possible for them to be paid by other things but, not the school itself. The school should not simply model itself about making a profit from a number of different sources. It should almost look at itself.

  • College atheletes should not be paid for playing sports

    I don't think college athletes should be paid. I think it will only increase the already high educational costs. I feel the schools already do enough in promoting there education and athletic abilities. in a lot of ways I feel they are already being paid to attend the school and participate in their athletic programs. College sports is already a necessary stepping stone for athletes hoping to make it a career. Colleges should not pay college athletes to splay sports, there are enough incentives.

  • These athletes are earning their keep.

    College athletes should not be paid for playing sports. This is because many of them get scholarship for such activities. In addition, many of them are in training, hoping to become professionals after college. It is a training ground equivalent to an internship -- an athlete might get hired or they might be told to simply look in another direction for another career.

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