• Yes they should

    I played college sports and we were tested for drugs. I think it is good to test people for drugs, especially at such a high level of competition. And when I say drug tested, I mean for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. I do not think that the use of those drugs is ok and makes game play unfair.

  • Yes they should.

    I think all athletes from college up should be tested on a regular basis for drugs. Maybe randomly through out the year to ensure the teams are playing fair and the individual players are being honest and ready to accept the responsibility if they are not playing fair and abusing a drug.

  • Yes, drug testing makes sense.

    It makes sense to test college athletes for drugs since they're engaged in competitive sports and will possibly be recruited to professional teams. Even though some might consider this an invasive thing to do, it would encourage college students who are respected by their peers to lead clean lives and abstain from drugs. However, I feel it should be up to each college to decide whether or not this is plausible and worthwhile.

  • Yes. I believe college athletes should be tested for drugs.

    Yes. I believe college athletes should be tested for drugs, because the use of banned substances is so rampant in sports these days, and it should definitely be policed. Not to mention it is extremely unfair to clean athletes for to allow some of their peers to cheat. I believe college athletes should be tested every month.

  • Yes they should.

    I am not big on drug testing, but I do think that college athletes should be tested for drugs. This is because, even at the college level, some of the athletes begin (or have already been) using steroids. There are other drugs that can be tested but I think steroids is important because athletes need to learn early that using steroids is not acceptable.

  • No no no

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  • Performance is what matters

    Athletes of all forms should not be tested for drugs because performance in sports is all that matters. If a student athlete chooses to do drugs but is still able to perform well then others should not dictate how they conduct their personal life; if they can't, they should be told to stop, or be removed from athletics.

  • Test Only for Good Cause

    Certainly schools should test college athletes for drugs, but only if they have cause for suspicion. The police cannot drug test a driver with no reason, and an employer cannot generally force an employee to be tested. College athletes are not financially compensated for their work, and
    they are not employees of the colleges. It invades their liberty to test them when they show no signs of drug use.

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