• Yes, it is a job like working in the bookstore.

    College athletes should get paid. If a student works in the bookstore, he or she will get at least a stipend. These athletes bring in a lot of money to the school. I would rather see them get paid a good salary and give up scholarship money, since athletics and scholarship are not related.

  • Students Have Other Campus Jobs

    Students have long been able to get a job on campus and get paid for it. While it may not be the best paying job in the world, they are available, and I am not saying that college athletes should make millions, but if a school wants to offer a stipend they should be allowed to do so.

  • Most def yes

    No doubt. All the time we put into our sport, for our school, doesn't allow up time to work and get a job, especially having to be enrolled as a full time student. And FAFSA never gives us enough money to live on either. Not everyone is on a full ride scholarship!

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