• Yes, college athletes should get paid for playing.

    College athletes bring in lots of attention and money to their schools through the sporting events that they participate in. They have worked hard for years in order to reach the point of college-ready, and their hard work should be rewarded. So yes, college athletes should get paid for playing.

  • Yes they should.

    College athletes should get paid to play, maybe not an excessive amount of money like pro athletes get, but a good amount to compensate them for their college classes and dorm room if they have one. I think they should be able to get books and such too, but thats about it.

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  • With out a doubt

    First off the players give the schools, The coaches, and themselves recognition, but yet they get nothing from it. And on the daily athletes are not allowed to make money, sign autographs and receive a pay out, or even have a job most of the year. College athletes that don't get paid make it look like a slave labor force. It's constantly long hours everyday and every night and yet they can't receive any type of payment for thei work. And lastly when kids have to go against rules and regulations to just make a little cash is crazy!

  • Dolla Dolla Bills Yall

    D1 Athletes bring in absurd amounts of money for the NCAA as well as their respected college. Why is it that the student manager of the football team is allowed to get compensated, but the stars of the football team arent? Yes I completley understand that athletes aready recieve alot with scholoarships and allowances, but I still believe that with the billions and billins of dollars that the NCAA generates, they should be able to provide some more compensation for the fuel of all of their revenue.

  • They already get a free ride or college

    Because they already get pie for free and because pie is amazing they should not get anymore pay, pie is just plain flipping beast. I guess that cow pie is pretty nasty because whenever I eat it it makes me want to take an amazingly large cow pie in the neighbors back yard

  • There is a place for athletics and a place for an education

    School and sports are suppose to be viewed as two separate entities. The courts are for athletes to be praised, and the classroom is where bright students should be praised; the two shouldn't mix because they are irrelevant to each other. This is misunderstood because division one, big name universities, advertise their sports and school spirit rather than their great academics which is completely ironic when you look at what college is really for. Basically, you go to college to get an education so that you can eventually get a job that you've trained hard for. If you went to college to play a higher level of basketball, you went for the wrong reason; that's what the NBA is for. Enough money is spent on the stadiums, turf, trainers, coaches, etc. "Compensation" isn't needed. The athletes are receiving full scholarships which covers the cost of college, the reason they aren't getting paid is because of their amateur label the NCAA gives them which prohibits them form earning any money, which is unfortunate, but still compensation is unnecessary.

  • They Get Paid Already With A Scholarship

    There is a very simple reason college athletes shouldn't get paid in the traditional way for playing sports: They *already* get paid, in the form of a scholarship. That's more than enough.

    I would actually be in favor of going the other direction and removing athletic scholarships. College is about academics, not athletics. If you want to play sports, fine, but you shouldn't get to go to school for free just because you're an athlete. Recruiting should be done away with and made illegal, with *every* athlete being a "walk-on". They can choose what school they go to on their own for whatever reason they want, but no recruiting.

    I love sports, but they should be an extra-curricular activity, *not* something which offers payment or even a scholarship.

  • Paying college athletes sends the wrong message about the value of sports.

    College sports are a great way to promote healthy competition and to help college students become accustomed to the importance of teamwork. Paying college athletes, though, sends the wrong message about the value of sports. It tells them that playing is all about the money and not the passion, and that one should play for a pay check and not with heart. By keeping money out of college sports, college athletes are able to focus on those aspects of playing sports that attracted them to athletics to begin with.

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