• Ensures Fair Play

    College athletes should have to take drug tests because it ensure fair play. With respect to state-supported universities, drug testing can be a part of the overall push to let taxpayers know that their investment in athletics isn't going to waste. I know that college athletics are paid for by boosters, but there are still big bucks involved with huge athletic programs.

  • Yes They Should

    I'm not a fan of drug tests within public schools, but when it comes to colleges I am very aware of the fact that these individuals are often receiving a free ride. In this case I think it is better to drug test these individuals. If they are taking advantage of their massive opportunities by using drugs, their chances should be given to a more responsible person.

  • Yes they should

    I you are an athlete on that type of state, then you should have to take a drug test at some point or points throughout the season. I think that many college athletes are playing with scholarships and are playing others. We need to make sure that they are playing on an even field.

  • College athletes should have to take drug tests.

    College athletes should have to take drug tests. We pay them a lot of money to play in their sport and I believe that they should have to take drug tests. I also think that they should have to attend classes regularly and keep their grades up or be benched.

  • Yes, College athetes should have to take drug tests.

    I definitely think that college athletes should have to take drug tests. I think that it is only fair that people who play a competitive sport should have to follow rules. And part of those rules are not taking drugs. I think that since college athletes are being given scholarships, then universities have the right to test them.

  • Drugs are cool

    I love drugs so much, steroids make me so much better, i hit dongs and dingers. Chris davis hit home runs with steriods without the he sucks so i say yes to drugs no matter what others say, pot helps too. I need 9 more words so hi i am

  • YA drugs are cool

    I like drugs ,drugs are cool i hit dingers with drugs, ad who cares about college athletes they can use them if they want, so i say yes to drugs. Sorry but i need 20 more words so random suff here and here and here and there i am done

  • Fair is Fair

    If every athlete was permitted to use certain things,such as steroids,if they so chose,then the playing field would be fair.Its not like its hurting much-their being paid to destroy their bodies through excessive and repeated wear and damage anyway(through the scholarship)-its not like the college cares about the students health,otherwise they wouldn't be letting them play.

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