• NO WAY jose

    An athlete student can not make any money outside of his/her college that is their sport because they would be considered pro and I guess that would be considered wrong, NOT! They could go work at a fast food restaurant to make money, though.

    Athletes make public appearances for the school, they help sell tickets, but cannot receive gifts other than from family members or friends. If someone who works a place i.e. Adidas, offers you a free pair of shoes, you are not allowed to accept. Coaches and athletic department personal can receive gifts including memberships to country clubs, shoes, basketball, free use of cars, and etc.. Players are not entitled to be able to have this type of free stuff.

  • They should be paid.

    In today’s world, everything seems to be about money. Everyone seems like they want more money, and now college athletes want some too. College athletes, specifically men's basketball and football player are making their schools millions and aren't taking part in any of the winnings, and they should be. So now they are taking it to court to try to get some of the money thing they are making for their schools.
    In a recent court case a government official has ruled that Northwestern's players are, “employees of the university not student-athletes” (Bowen 2). As employees they have the right to form a union and bargain over working conditions. This means sooner rather than later we could see money entering the college sports world. This could also spread to other major colleges and become a new trend for athletes to get paid. Some say Title Nine could become an issue though.
    Title nine is the law the states “No person in the united states shall, on the basis of gender, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal finance assistance.” Which in this case would means that if one student-athlete gets paid all should. This case surpasses that because they arent student-athletes they are employees which means that the sport would be considered their job not a school related activity. So in this case not all student-athletes would need to payed because so far only those who play football are considered employees not student-athletes. These football players have adopted their greedy ways from their coaches.
    The ones making the money that being produced by the players, are the coaches. Multiple coaches are making millions off their players. Some argue that the players are paid in education. This is not true because most good players only stay one year, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a former college basketball player at UCLA say “most days i could hardly rub two pennies together” (Abdul-Jabbar). Also he is more credible than other self proclaimed experts because he speaks from true experience being a former college basketball player whereas they speak from opinion on the situation. So more evidence is pointing towards college athletes should be paid.
    In conclusion college athletes should be paid because they are the ones producing the money and drawing in the crowds, also because they are considered to be employees not student-athletes. So now in a time of change they should be able to finally get some of the money that they are producing.

  • They shouldn't get paid

    They already getting paid in college from your parents,schools or from you.A sport is about playing and having fun,and playing with your friends too.I see why you need money cuz your probably short on money to save up,by meals ,and other stuff but when u get excepted to get drafted to the NBA,NFL,NHL from the NCAA you get paid when play it at least $5,000,000 for the game,it depends on what your playing.If your a athlete In college who's listening right now you'll see if I'm right or not

  • Yes, college athletes should not get paid.

    College athletes should not get paid. Most people don't realize that only a handful of the best colleges make a profit for their entire sports program. Paying athletes would only allow a few schools to be able to afford to pay them. This would keep most colleges from being able to get the best athletes.

  • Paying College Athletes

    When college students join their college team in the NCAA, they have to quit their jobs to play and they don't gain an income. Also, when on the road, they are only given seven dollars for a meal every day. Also, college athletes are sometimes on the road for about two weeks. College athletes should be paid for how much they contribute to the team. 5,000 dollars minimum, 15,000 dollars maximum

  • Why College Atlhlets Should be Paid

    When a college student plays a sport they aren't allowed to have a job while they are participating in that particular which go beyond just they tournaments, they go year round. By being paid to play a sport in college it allows athletes to be able to pay for their college without going into to debt and it also allows for them to having money for other activities for them to participate in.

  • College athletes should be paid!

    They should because they need that extra money to get stuff and save up so they can moved out after college. Also alot of college athletes are broke and can barely pay for meals. So that extra money could take them from romin noodles to a nice dinner. Ask college athletes say what they say.

  • They should not be paid

    College athletes are there to get better and to be a good professional athlete.College athletes should not be paid. Most of them are going to school for free because they got a scholarship, so I do not see why they should be paid on top of that. If student athletes need money, they should use resources on their campus to find a job.

  • I don't think so!

    I don't think that college students should be paid to play sports because if they get paid they think that they are all that and more so the tend to boss the other kids around. Then the kids that get bossed around feel really bad because they are anthill. No paying college athlete!

    Posted by: tmnt
  • Student Athletes Should Not Get Paid

    Football and Basketball programs bring in millions of dollars a year and institutions spend most of that money elsewhere in the athletic department. If college athletes get paid, the university would have to cut or reduce spending a non-revenue making sport and that would also cut their department's net revenue position.

  • They shouldn't be paid!

    When you have the topic of "Paying college athletes" most people only target the Division 1 all star all american basketball player.But what they dont think is of the same Divison 1 for example swimmer or golfer or volleyball player etc. will you pay them the exact same amount? Then most people think "oh minimum wage." Okay so now if they all got paid minimum wage, what if the all star or all american gets an endorsment is the NCAA not going to let him get that money? And also they will lose focus in academics. Also how do you know that some if not most would spend that money on a gold chain or spend it irresponsibly

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They should