• College should be mandatory!!

    When i ask people if college is really important, they say No. Well i say is that reasonable? Most of these students may choose the direction of alcohol and drugs. I tell people if we don't do anything about students not going to school, the destruction of our future generation as begun

  • Not going to college will destroy the FUTURE!!!!!

    A lot of people say they don't want to go to college And i ask is this right, is that reasonable? Because, almost all those who don't go to college would choose the direction of drugs and alcohol. And also college is really important in so many countries and by going to college we re setting our future generation for a good and successful life

  • We All Need And Deserve Education

    Millions of people do not ever go to college to receive a final education, and that means that millions do not ever et the opportunities that arise from going to college. College educations allows for better paying jobs, and it also give you a better chance of doing something you enjoy. People who don't go to college often struggle to find good jobs, so they take what ever ones they can, but going to college allows you to learn about what you want and then you can get a job in that field and it can be a field that you enjoy since you can pick any field and most likely still get a good paying job in it. College is important for us all and I believe that we should all get to enjoy doi0ng what we love, without worrying about what we make.

  • 2 years should be mandatory.

    With wealth distribution as it stands, as well as the variables in education, I think college should be required for at least 2 years. This will help student's earn better salaries, break away from negative family influences, reduce pregnancy and help the American culture be more robust and prosperous. Some say "college isn't for everyone", but I do not agree. I think this an excuse. In that case, high school isn't for everyone. People's view on how college isn't for everyone is simply not true. The first two years of college is very important; not only for writing papers and solving math problems, but for general communication development. It really makes a big difference, you would be surprised.

  • College Increases success

    College leaves many in debt, because they need to go to college for their job. If it were mandatory and free, this would be eliminated. It has been proven that unemployment rates of people who don't go to college are double of the people who do. Most well paying jobs also require at least a bachelors degree.

  • What About All Courses Mandatory

    What About making all courses Mandatory as well. That everybody is well rounded when they graduate from college in four years or however tgey are required to attend. Plus required participating in extra curricular actvities. There should be no age restriction at all. As well as mandatory attendance in the Arts as well as sports and academics.

  • Yes, we need to make college mandatory and can be free.

    Some type of college should be mandatory (either 2 or 4 year). Those with a college degree have a lower unemployment rate. They also earn more money per year on average. Mandatory college is also needed to keep the US competitive on a global level. College should also be free and can be done so by adopting the system that Germany uses. This can be afforded by raising taxes but in the end this will be a positive as our economy will benefit from the higher education level.

  • College should be mandatory, but also paid for by the government.

    I think at least 2 years of further education should be mandatory if a high school grad does not enlist in the military. This can be through a technical institute to learn a trade, or through traditional institutions. It is well known that a college education gives people an advantage in the workforce, which is why Obama Administration has worked so hard to make college affordable for those at an economic disadvantage. If we made it mandatory and had the gov pay for it, not only would we see society flourish for the skills and critical thinking we so desperately need, we would probably see a decrease in our jailed youth since a college education will give them something to look forward to instead of getting in trouble. I have recently enrolled in school after almost 2 decades of being out of school. I wish my mother would have encouraged me to get it out of the way then, because it is alot harder to attend class with a family and full-time job.

  • Yes college should be freaking mandatory!

    Some people don't realize that when you graduate high school you won't be able to see your friends as much as you used to. That's why the same way every one from the same elementary school end up going to the same middle school then high school we should be able to do the same thing with college too!

  • College should be mandatory

    I don't want to be some nobody living on the street or working at mcdonalds. I want to be a independent person living on my own not needing somebody to give me money and depend on for everything. I want to be aa doctor or a lawyer somebody with a good jod or a great job

  • College is ass

    College is ass because it basically teaches ass. College is also ass because in college you don't stay off the drugs even on site so for those people saying it helps educate students off the drugs your fucking metal and retarded college my ass you bitches ha ha ha ha

  • No it not

    Depending on what career you want to go into should decide if you need to go to college. We all have different interest and dreams for our future. Some will aspire to music, While others may become a teacher, Or even an anesthesiologist. What ever that may be, We should pursue or dreams

  • College shouldn’t be required!

    People shouldn’t be required because when you are in college you are there to learn with likeminded people who want to learn more, and if people who don’t want to be there are there, they can distract the people who are there to learn, and it can halt the learning of others. In other words, having college be required is a bad idea.

  • College if free and mandatory would just be another

    Ok. So I know that if college is forced by law to go to you would have all the people with behavior issues and that would affect your learning because the teacher would have to stop class to talk to them or kick them out which would make it so that they can't get a degree because they were kicked out of a mandatory class. And if the teacher doesn't correct them they are potentially causing a distraction for others and potentially causing somebody else to not be able to get their degree.

  • Not for everyone

    54% of all Americans who enroll in college drop out. If college was mandatory, that number would be even higher; this would create a lot of unnecessary debt for millions. Some people are just not cut out for college. They have skills that could be put to good use at a technical school or another job, but they are just not good at writing essays or doing math.

  • Freedom of Occupational Choice - That's What America is All About!

    College education should be suited to the choice of occupation one has made. The government should not have the right to choose one's occupation for them. That would not be the American way. Totally undemocratic. America is about freedom of choice and letting people live their lives the way they want to. By the same token college cannot be made mandatory. Since one's choice of occupation determines whether one even needs college, then by the same token college cannot be made mandatory. That would be undemocratic also.

  • A Choice That Can Be Made

    If post-secondary education was required, more people would not have jobs because so many people would be lining up for the same jobs. You'd have more people lining up for jobs than you would know what to do with and a lot of people would not be able to find a job within their abilities. College should be a choice that can be made, rather than a choice that is forced upon us.

  • College isn't right for all people

    College isnt right for everyone Some people arent ready for college, while others cannot afford it. Therefore these people would be put into debt and have to take out loans. Also some teens want to go to the military, yet they couldnt because they have to go to college when they don't want to, they want to fight for our country.
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  • College isnt right for everyone

    Some people arent ready for college, while others cannot afford it. Therefore these people would be put into debt and have to take out loans. Also some teens want to go to the military, yet they couldnt because they have to go to college when they don't want to, they want to fight for our country.
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  • Free, but not mandatory.

    College isn't for everyone, but is a great source of advancement in a discipline. It shouldn't be the case that if you want to gain more knowledge that you should take out a student loan you can't pay back for a while. A country should invest in it's peoples' education.

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