Should college be more affordable now that the wage gap is getting worse?

  • College should be more affordable now that the wage gap is getting worse.

    College should be more affordable now that the wage gap is getting worse. It is important that people from all walks of life have access to higher education. Since the wage gap is getting worse, there are more people who are earning low incomes. Colleges should lower their tuition to accommodate people who cannot afford to pay high tuitions.

  • Colleges should reduce the cost, or there should be more scholarships.

    The wage gap is growing, and that makes a college education less attainable. This means less people educated and an even wider gap. Colleges could reduce costs themselves, and this could make college more available to some students. However, most students operate on student loans anyhow, so this may not effect the market in the way that people predict. Scholarships may make higher cost colleges more available, but the true issues is employment after college.

  • The wage gap and cost of college makes it harder to live.

    There are a small amount of jobs being offered in the state of California where I reside. I was a student that has had to work as well as attend college full time. In order to afford to pay for college through the federal government I had to attend full time. Attending full time is the only way to pay for the full tuition. Attending full time and working a minimum wage job full time is a hard task. It exhausts you. Even at the end when you receive your diploma you may not even find a high paying job. This may leave you stuck wondering what is next. You have six months to figure it out since you will have your first loan payment due. If college was more affordable then having a minimum wage job while seeking higher employment after graduating would be less stressful, your cost of food would not cause worry and the threat of your first payment on your school loan would not weigh you down either. If the gap met closer to the reality of food cost and school loan cost there would also be more room for generating entrepreneurs. The cost of living, the cost of food, and the cost of school from trying to gain a better opportunity leaves you stuck. Stuck in a low wage job that you cannot afford to leave unless you have a better job lined up. Trying to get that job means you may have to call in sick to attend any interview. Requesting time off may not fit your rent and food budget. People have gotten lucky, but luck only happens for the few.

  • No, I don't think colleges should be more affordable now that the wage gap is getting worse.

    I think a college charges the amount that they feel is appropriate and shouldn't be adjusting it because of economic wage trends in the nation, I think nearly everyone can obtain low interest loans from the Government to attend a college if they feel like making the investment in getting a degree.

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