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  • College should be affordable.

    College should be affordable because then it will teach young adults character. It teaches them how to manage money. People need to learn that as an important life skill. College should be affordable so that people can still be ale to attend too. College should be affordable so people can get an education

  • Colleges Should be more affordable

    Many bachelor and master degree students come out of college in a lot of money debt and with all the job problems they might not be able to afford a car a home or an apartment. Oubv oh ho oh ho hoh oho hoh oh oh kh kh kh kh

  • Definitely yes!! College tuitions are too high

    College education should be cheaper it is too expensive, many college students are in financial debt because of the tuition fees, some dont go because they don't have it financially. Most High School doesn't even cost a dollar and when it comes on to college it is thousands. Education should be free i don't see why you should pay to learn

  • Yes, and for an obvious reason.

    First and foremost, the typical college education has increased to the point of it being unaffordable for the lower classes. And financial aid doesn't typically cover things such as room and board.

    Education is the foundation of a thriving society. If we want our country to stand a fighting chance, we need to make higher education affordable. The cure for cancer could be held within someone who can't afford a degree.

  • Yes, college education should be cheaper.

    College education should be cheaper because many people who make average to good grades can't go to the college of their choice, even on scholarship and in-state. Colleges do have the best teachers, classes, and campuses, but it is a bit too extreme. Many students who should be at great colleges can't because of finances. In conclusion, colleges should be cheaper because many bright students can not get into their college of choice.

  • College should be cheaper. End of story

    It would be good for people who are financially challenged. And i know what youre saying, "well if they wanted to go to college they would get scholarships." well what if the scholarships arent enough? They would also be in financial aid putting people in debt. The government would have to pay less if they didnt give money away in scholarships. And you wouldnt have to worry about too much more people that itd ne overcrowded, colleges still accept people by basically handpicking who they want.

  • Not free but affordable

    Nothing in life comes free and there's no reason college should be either. Back in the 1970's students could work a summer job to pay for their college tuition. They still had to work for what they wanted but they could still afford it. Today many people can't even afford to go or if they do go they are over $100,000 in debt when they're done. Stop spending all your money to pay for athletes, coaches, and new stadium and start helping us get educated.

  • School should be cheaper

    Why in the heck would someone pay 2000.00 for 1 month of collage so retarded i say no if u dont that is fine but i cant afford it so i wont do it but in a couple years it will be cheap and maybe even free because people are nice and wont want money

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