Should college educations be paid for by the government?

  • Shrink The Homeless Population

    Shrink The Homeless Population By A Lot
    People being homeless is a big problem in the world that we live in, people are sitting on the side of streets begging for money and hardly surviving. Many of these people are homeless because they’ve never had enough money for a college education which results in them not having a job, home and food. If college was a program where people could walk in with little or no price at all, it would allow homeless people to be more motivated to get off the streets, because they would know they get a chance of having a career and live a happy life. Just in Canada at least 200,000 people are homeless, many in which say they’ve never had a chance to get a job due to education. The homeless population would shrink tremendously if college’s would allow homeless people in for free.

  • A benefit of the higher education on future careers, studies, technology and support by other institutions.

    Most schools don't have enough money to give a good education on careers studies. Mostly other are not even able to attend those schools. They soon can end up on street jobs and even as servants. Although, many of these students have amazing talents that can change our lives. They could help on the advancement on medicine, technology, astronomical research, and history learning. I hope you understand how it would benefit all lot.

  • We need school in order to succeed in life and we need a job to make a living. Which adds up to money.

    If the government just pays for the college what's the big deal. Yes I know that it would be a lot of money for the government to handle but it is worth it. People go to college to learn more about what they like to do. They don't go to college just to learn what they paid for, they go there to learn more about there passion and what they can become. If the government paid for college we could have many cures, many more scientists and great leaders. Some people can't pay for college. The person that can't pay for college can be a doctor, scientist and can even make a cure for many things. They can change the world for good. Life is about trying new things. That is what the people want to do try new things, but they can't pay for college. The government should try new things and help pay for colleges and see what a great outcomes it will touch. Also the price of the colleges are quite expensive itself. This is not a waste of money, in fact if the government pays for college students will get an higher education and people will be educated equally. Family's put up their life savings in their children's colleges. Some people get mad they can't send their children to college because they can't afford it. Stress is the #1 thing that causes bad outcomes. If the government pays for college, it will get a lot of stress off their shoulders. Overall it is hard to find jobs you enjoy doing and get a good amount of money. Most people have jobs they enjoy doing but get less and jobs they don't like doing but get more. But imagine the opportunities that would be opened up for people that would otherwise never consider going to college due to the cost! It would absolutely help into the greatness of Canada and its future! We can't always depend on the future and see what it is going to give us, we have to depend on ourselves and see what we can give the future. College is an open door to success.

  • Other Countries Do It Without Hesitation

    This question is only really a debate in the US. Among highly developed countries we charge by far the most for college educations and the government supports college students the least. Of course there are loans and support systems for students with very high need, but these only go so far and they miss the most important point: college should Never be prohibitively expensive. Educations just don't cost as much other places, largely due to government subsidies, and I think that the general intelligence and productivity of the American populace could be greatly aided by such programs.

  • They Should Offer Options

    I attempted to go to college and with over 70 credits I got to the point where I simply could no longer afford it. Now I have massive amounts of debt, no degree, and my job options are all low-income. I will be lucky if I ever dig myself out of this mess. Thanks Obama for making it seem like a good idea, but it certainly was not, because now employers look at my spotty employment record and don't want to hire me. For these reasons, I feel like the federal government should offer a free option, possibly through the state Universities. Not all higher education should be free, but the option to continue education should be available to all people.

  • As long as they maintain good grades

    I am all for Pell Grants and the Government helping students pay for their college. I feel it is already expensive enough as it is, and they should be helped out as much as possible for all of the work they put in towards obtaining their respected degrees of choice.

  • It would help everyone.

    Student loans and a college education today a ridiculously expensive. Government should pay for college education. A smarter nation will lead to more advances in technology, more discoveries in science, and more cures in medicine. This benefits the nation and the people within the nation. It will also lead to a better economy now that everyone has an education and advances in multiple fields.

  • Do it just like Germany

    Germans have the best running global economy that has ever been recorded. They aren't in debt. They have all of there citizens taking care of and it just works. Mothers can stay home with the children up till they are school ready. Heath care is paid for. And every body gets paid. This will work for America too get out of all this debt and have everyone safe and sound. And did I mention single parents get an 1000 dollar check to raise there kids a month.

  • The government should help pay for college

    If the government helps pay for college its is a known fact that students will more likely want to go to college. Why? Because many students cant afford college. Now if the government was helping pay for college, students would get a higher education and in the long run help the U.S. government.

  • It can only help America grow

    The government should pay for college education. Many Americans are living in poverty due to a lack of education. I think it would be a better choice for the government to pay for college education and give someone an opportunity to get a higher paying job rather than paying out so much money in a welfare system that does nothing to improve self reliance.

  • If the government paid for it, the money would be wasted on college drop outs.

    More than 10 billion dollars are wasted on college drop outs. There are people who deserve college help, but that's what scholarships and tuitions are for. If someone wants to be in college so bad, they can find an easy way to get there. NNo more money should be wasted, it is better safe than sorry.

  • Government would be in debt if they payed for your college.

    The government would be millions or billions in debt. They shouldn't be paying for your college. You should work for something in your life. If you really want to go to college then work for it. There is no way to get enough money other then to tax you, and they will go up to 60%, which I know we all don't want

  • Government Paid Education = Socialism

    First, America is a land of equal opportunity, not equality. The minute the government starts handing out free college education, we become a nation of equality and because everyone has a college degree, no one really has one. Sure, people have the skills the degree gave them (assuming they used a free college education as more than a chance for freedom and extensive party time), but they no longer have a college degree as a stand out point on their resumes that was hard-earned and something to be proud of...It was freely handed to them. Next, some may say that college is just too expensive, but let me just take a minute to say bulls***. If you are in need of financial aid, the government provides FASFA (which is NOT free tuition). Take this aid and go to a local community college, and chances are you'll even get money back. Get good grades and transfer to a university where you'll get a transfer scholarship and pay maybe a few thousand dollars for your college tuition in its entirety. There are also many different scholarships and grants available to students. Third, to those of you who say that college educated people will make a brighter and stronger economy, you're wrong. All we'll make is a smarter criminal class and more educated fast food workers. If they weren't willing to work hard for it to begin with, why will they start working hard afterwards? Lastly, who will pay for this?!? Those of you who are for government paid education keep saying that it's worth the cost, but are you willing to pay for it? There are only two ways to pay for it: increase taxes or cut down/ defund something else, such as the military (as that seems to be a popular thing right now to cut down on). But hey, if we cut down on the military to pay for education, at least will be a book smart nation while getting attacked from all sides. We can all throw our chemistry books at those attacking us.

  • It's a choice.

    No, college educations should not be paid for by the government, because we are not obligated to pay for a college education for the person sitting next door. The right to a college education is not in the constitution. A person who wants the education should pay a little bit so that they value it.

  • No, college eduation shouldn't be paid by the government.

    I do not think that the government should ever pay for anybody's college education. I think that being able to go to college is a luxury, not a right, for American citizens. I think that funds should not be going to make sure some students go to college since it is something that should be paid privately.

  • College is a waste of money.

    Most of you don't even know what you want to do in college, you just go because it is what everyone else is doing or because you think it will make your resume look good. Now you think the government should pay for it? What is wrong with you? The whole idea behind America is freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. The government's job is to provide defense against other countries, and enforce laws not pay for your college. If the government paid for everyone's college we would be in 100 times more debt than we already are or everything will be taxed at 60%. Do you really want that just so you can be a college student for free using hard working Americans tax dollars?

  • College should not be necessary

    People who go to college should go because they want the specialization that college can (and should)provide. Not everyone should go to college. As a college student, I see many people who treat college like an extended high school (with more freedom). If a college education ever becomes required, then make the public school system more rigorous. Now, I'm aware that not everyone can pay for college. That is why I support government aid to the poor. To refute a point, giving everyone a college education will not help the US in the long run. Instead, we will have more lower level workers with college degrees. No matter what you do, we still will need janitors, crossing guards, TV crews, gardeners, and construction workers. Plus, there are only so many CEOs, Presidents, and other high paying jobs. Not everyone will get one.

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