• Yes and no

    I think it depends on the fine. There should be some fines for lets say someone breaks another persons car window, or attacks someone. Yes that is the right area but, parking tickets f unless your parked in a handy caped area should be gone, the fines for keeping a room clean and etc. that might also have to stay, after all who wants rodents living with them.

    I do agree that the system needs a huge change,

  • College Fines Should Be Prohibited

    Yes, college fines should be prohibited and college education should be free to all. Too many people are unable to attend college due to the exhoborant fees, and this hurts the United States as a whole. The more educated a nation's work force, the better, and so the United States would benefit by making college free.

  • College Fines an Unnecessary Cost

    The cost of college is already increasing exponentially over the past few decades. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for students to be able to afford college so unnecessary fees only makes the process that much more difficult. Students should not take advantage of this system, but fees are a burden that is not needed.

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