• Coleg fuutboll iz bad

    My mum tlod me dat coleg futbol iz bd fr poeple nad gibves dem haed ahces so mi rit rit rit gte o'n mii lvl nuub rkt ked sr gt eddducaetd b4 u tri nad strat ah debat wit mnay peple on the niternet u dubm dubm mi rit i wni

  • That's a Dumb Idea!

    Would you want College Basketball taken away? College Football is a sport that is LOVED by ANY casual American Football Fan. Who cares about 1 hit? That hit was made by the best player in CFB Defensive History! Season Ticket Holders would sue the NCAA for taking away a sport that they love! Equipment Changes Folks, not banning the sport.

  • That is a Dumb Idea!

    Would you take away College Basketball? College Footbal is a sport that is cherrished by Americans! Who cares if 1 hit popped a helmet off, and the player who made the hit was the best defensive player CFB has ever seen! The NCAA would get sued by Season Ticket Holders for taking the sport that they love, I'm dead serious. There needs to be equipment changes, not banning the sport!

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