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  • Yes, extra profits should be payed to the players

    Yes, I think extra profits should be used to pay the players. Players always need the extra money. First, it's not like they have time for a payed job. They spend there whole time working out and getting bigger and stronger for the season. At that point football is their job, and they make money for the university but yet a scholarship that doesn't cover everything . This is why I think college players should be payed with extra profit!!

  • They deserve it

    College football players train and work hard to lead their teams to success. In my opinion, they should be rewarded for it. The profits that a team makes from college football; at least a part of it, if not whole, should be used to pay the players in order to incentivize them to perform even better.

  • Yes, college football profits should be used to pay players.

    I believe that college football profits should be used to pay players because the players are the ones doing all of the work. Additionally, college football players often give up massive amounts of time that they could be spending on building a strong resume, which hurts their job prospects after graduation. Paying players would make up for the possible loss of income in later years.

  • Yes, college football profits should be used to pay players.

    With the incredible growth of college football in recent decades, the sport now easily rivals professional baseball or even basketball in popularity. It goes without saying, then, that the profitability of the sport has also increased massively. Indeed, even a brief glance at the salaries of NCAA executives bears this conclusion out. Yet the players, without whom the organization could not exist, still are paid nothing. This is truly a disgrace.

  • No, remember the main reason for higher education

    It's pretty obvious these days in America that the educational system is struggling to recruit quality teachers as average salaries are dropping year over year. More tenured professors are still paid well but less experience teachers and teaching assistants are grossly underpaid. This money should be used to raise salaries for newer educators and colleges should remember what the main purpose of the university is and how to bring in quality faculty and give them a living wage

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