• YES they should

    Yes because of 3 reasons time, pride, and celebration. Some colleges practice five times a week most NFL teams 2 maybe 3 that does not leave time to get a job to earn money. Nfl players make money to bring fame to their team so can college kids can do that Pride and celebration are technically the same but some college kids sing after they win

  • Yes They Should

    Per season the entire NCAA makes almost a billion dollars worth of revenue off of television deals, it only makes sense to pay these players to play. I think it's only a matter of time before a potential strike erupts. Also I agree with Ndude87 that college players don't have time to work since they have to practice so much.

  • "Paid." Good grief, it's "paid."

    "Payed" - this is so tortuous as to nearly render anything accompanying moot. It's even adding another character - if anything, isn't it easier to type "paid," than "payed"?

    We all make mistakes from time to time, but stuff like this really makes one wonder. Where are the minds of our youths?!

  • Stop spamming this. I've seen this in two other places, and it was universally no at both.

    Who will pay them? Why should we give them even more, we already spoil them rotten, even though sport success does not help society nearly as much as many other things that most schools don't serve nearly as much for? For example academic achievement rarely gets anything near the sort of things sports people get- respect, near worship, over chucking a football? It's already ridiculous!

  • College Athletes Should NOT Be Paid

    College football, basketball, every sport at school is a school activity. NFL, MLB, etc. is an actual job which requires payment. If NCAA did in fact pay the players then I guarantee that some kids would join just to get paid. Anyway, the school and NCAA are already paying the kids to come play for them through scholarships!! Schools would lose so much money off of scholarships AND the paying of players

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