• Please see my debates.

    I have already done this debate several times now against several different opponents. I have made several cases of why it is both economically ideal to allow the players to receive compensation for their work and that it is unethical, both from a conservative and liberal stand point, to deny them this potential compensation.

  • Yes yes yes

    The fact that schools like Duke, Kentucky and UCLA are making millions of dollars because of star Players like Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Kyle Anderson and not giving these players a slice of the pie is just wrong. On the other hand, the school pays a lot of money for a school scholarship , usually these schools cost up to $40-50,000 a year

  • College players should get paid for their hard work.

    Without college atheletes, there would be no college sports
    programs. Some schools make a lot of
    money from their sports programs. It’s
    only right that they share some of that revenue with the athletes that make it
    all possible. Some of those athletes get
    injured and are never able to play in the pros.

  • They are already getting paid...

    They are receiving a free education, a room to stay in, and meals for an academic year. For many players out there, that is payment enough. Plus, they are STUDENTS. They are not employees of the college/university that they attend. The hard work they put in is not for the school, it is for the team. Most of them couldn't care less about how much money the school makes when they play, as long as they win.

  • No, Not yet

    College is meant for students to be educated, not to make millions of dollars playing a sport. If a player is good enough to be make the pros, then and only then should he or she should be able to get paid, not in college. If a player receives more money that he can handle at such a young age, then he or she might feel like their education does not mean anything and may drop out. There have been many college stars who have not been good in the pros; imagine if schools had paid them and they dropped out of school thinking they would be stars in the pros, then what would they have? The truth is, colleges should not be putting in millions of dollars to get a star quarterback out of high school. Instead, they should use that money to insure that the vast majority of their students receive a good education and save the pay days for athletes in the pros

  • No, college players should not be paid to play.

    Technically, they already are getting money in the form of their free education. One should remember that there are many deserving academics who could not go to college because they could not afford it/earn a scholarship. The young men and women who are Division 1 athletes should realize that they are extremely lucky to have a free ride to college to do what they love, and instead of wanting to be paid, they should take full advantage of their opportunities and earn a degree.

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