Should college prices be lowered so more people can go?

  • It's simply not worth it.

    With the debt the students are left in along with the struggle of managing a house/apartment, keeping a car, and finding a better job. To make up the money lost and piling on is stressful, and for some, nearly imposable. A college degree doesn't get you as far as you use to. To work without any degree use to get you by comfortably, now, if you don't have any college experience, you will barely make it day to day. If you are even able to obtain a good college that gives you a chance to get a good job, you then have to work instead of study to keep up on the pile of looming debt they throw at you.

  • It should be lowered.

    It means less student debt, it's crazy how much money you have to pay just to have education for a successful future, you want more smart people in America? Lower the prices, 1 trillion dollars are the student debt these days, that's outrageous we should be paying money we don't have and drowning in student loans after we finish college.

  • It should be lowered

    Because if college tuition or funds would be lowered more people would go and have a better education and the world would be a better place and more people would have the chance to strive for success and have a better academic future to strive and succeed and be prepared for the best

  • Do dreams mean anything to you

    Detail 1: Dreams shouldn’t cost anything at all, but to get the right education to follow your dreams can cost way more than you pay off.

    Detail 2: Less than 35% of people go to college to get a higher education and they follow their life goals (dreams) and over 65% of people just have the education of a high school education and can´t really follow their dreams unless it is working at a fast food restaurant.

    Detail 3: If college didn’t cost as much more people could help our world and become what they want in life.

  • This should be obvious

    I mean many Americans are smart but they do t have the money to enter college, that leaves them poor with a low pay job. But when college funds lower, the smart and poor people can attend top colleges and get a job and bring their family out of poverty. It can also build the nations work force and offer more jobs.

  • Yes yes yes

    It would e easier for the government because all these people going to a state school the government have to pay for and if private school lower there fees then more people could go to private school making it a lot,a lot, a lot easier for the government that is why

  • College or nah

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  • Butt butt butt butt and bozze

    I feel that they should be lowered not fully gone though im a 13 year old boy doing a report on this and i feel like many americans find that they are smart but cant afford the college cost i understand colleges need money but they can lower the cost and increase the number of students paying for it so they can get the same amount of money mabey more but wat do i know im a 13 year old 7th grader

  • Yes yes please

    We all need money for college people want to be something when there older im 13 and i want to be a dentist which is a lot of money i have 3 other siblings that want to be doctors and things like that and that is too much u guys complain why hobos occur on the streets!

  • Both private and public universities can afford to change...

    The tuition cost of attending a private university such as Stanford is way overpriced. Not only can private universities survive on a lower tuition, they can still manage to make the same amount of profit they always have. With a higher volume of people attending private universities at a lower tuition cost, the private university would be able to make more profit than if they had charged more money with a lower attendance. Private universities are essentially taking advantage of student aid by charging more money to people with federal aid than if they hadn't received any. As for public universities, the problem is not as severe. A large amount of the tuition money goes to research and student aid over the payment of the staff and the owners of the university. However, with tuition cost rises in both private and public sectors, the problem is still obvious. As the federal government gives huge amounts of money in student aid, the colleges and universities take advantage of the money and raise their tuition costs exponentially. So the answer to your question, simply put, is not just that tuition costs should be lowered, but to be able to regulate government aid spending as well. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world in which this can be achieved without side effects. Any radical change like this could cause a turn to socialism over the capitalist economy America has thrived in.

  • Junior colleges are already pretty much free for state residents (at least in California).

    One can easily get an associate's degree with minimal expense. If one wants to major in something afterward, there are plenty of state colleges that can suffice, again for minimal expense.

    In the end, it's about supply and demand. The elite colleges control supply and do not seek to expand it, even though demand continues to grow year after year. Because of this, tuition for the best schools should probably increase from where they are currently. It's not fair, but such is life.

    Ideally, what SHOULD occur is that as tuitions continue to rise, more elite colleges would spring up to take advantage of higher prices. This would also have a tempering effect on price rises, as these colleges would further compete with each other and thus drive down prices.

  • Yeah... NOPE!!!!!!!! Gotcha

    Colleges need more money to complete more than at least 30 different scenarios... For example who do you think pays for all of the administrators that help the kids graduate, and boost their confidence that the subject they're studying is the right one! The motivation of the kids also starts early in high school if they want to attend a college with higher expectations. Although many people can't afford it, if they are not planning ahead, (I hate to say this) but it's kind of their fault... Also, with this tuition that the kids are paying, the colleges can buy more supplies to prepare the students for "the real world." I am doing an argument for this subject right now. We are only 13 so I know my side isn't going to win, but I feel that there are way more good points on this side. Like my social studies teacher told me, the better the college... The more opportunities...

  • No, College tuition should stay the same.

    I think that the college tuition should stay the same because it motivates the students to do better in college, knowing that they have to pay for the same class again and again. I know a lot of students that would do a better job knowing the prices of classes and trying so hard because they don't want to dish out the money for the same class, a second time.

    People love to stay "I can't afford college" but the reality is if you can't afford college, you can apply for scholarships, and financial aid, you can get a job on campus who understands your schedule of schooling. There are plenty of options for paying for your college tuition.

    Another reason that college tuition should not be lowered is because the money that we pay as college students goes to the school so it can remain open! If it didn't have a fixed income, the college would go bankrupt and close for good, now your stuck with no college, no graduation, and no career success. What would you pick?

  • No, colleges should keep it the same.

    College is a privilege. If you are going to college, choose a college that is cheaper than most so you can afford it. College is expensive, but they need money to support their students and their programs there. College is something you earn.. So earn your money to get there.

  • No no no

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  • No no no

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  • Why Should we?

    Like a lot of you are saying yes college is a choice. You never know what you can do until you put your mind to it. If we lower tuition what does that do to us. Yes college is expensive but there is a reason for it being expensive. I work in my financial aid office at my university and actually the people who are more poor have more befits than rich people. FAFSA is a pain but thats how a lot of us have been doing it for the past decades. So if we lower the tuition you are just hurting your tuition more. Cause the higher your tuition more you get from FAFSA.

  • Take That Back! And Have A Great Day Or Not... The Choice Is Yours!

    Even if students can't afford college, they have their own reasons to increase their prices. First many students get their hands full of government money and has loans to pay. Second the lower you pay the lower quality of teaching it is. So the more you pay the more advanced you learn. Plus life IS a competition! Don't think everything should be fair (that is just not right). Third it all started by the gas/fuel many people use. About 15 years ago gasoline was only 20 cents and now it's like 60 dollars! Have you wondered why? People all around the world has fought for the gas, and they decided to higher the prices. To be able to afford for the gas, they increased the cost for everything, to make enough to buy gasoline and other stuff. Then people INVENTED CARS!! Wow! You would need a lot! A lot every single day! That when the cost of things will start to increase every year, when people will start fighting for it again (they still do!). Government needs money to provide for schools, to pay teachers, to pay for all those supplies, to pay those who keep the school clean! Life is not fair. So is mine. And I'm only twelve....

  • No because colleges need money to stay open.

    Colleges need money to support there students in a way that they need money to do so. Another reason is taxes. Taxes charge colleges to do stuff for the city that needs to get done. I for one don't think that college prices should be lowered because college prices need money to stay open.

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