• It's their right

    Most college students are usually at least 18 years old, making them a legal adult. While that is still very young to carry around a credit card, it is still their right as an American citizen to be allowed to do so. I don't think it's the bet idea, but still should be okay.

  • Yes

    It is the right of the college student to decide if they want a credit card or not. They are adults so they need to decide if they can handle that responsibility. If they can not handle it than they end up way over their head in debt and have to work harder to get out of it.

  • Yes

    Students should have credit cards, but they should only be prepaid, and if they are not, have a low limit. Many students use and abuse credit, as they see it as free money. I believe credit should only be used by students in case of emergencies, or if they have the ability to pay it back.

  • Yes, They Should

    Yes, college students should have credit cards, but only the prepaid kind. Many college students have not had to deal with finances or budgeting and have no experience to draw on. This could put them in big financial trouble with a credit card. Prepaid credit cards are the ideal thing for college students because there is a finite amount of money there and it teaches them to budget because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

  • College students should have credit cards, but use them responsibly

    College students, like other adults, should have a credit card in case of special circumstances or emergencies, but always use it responsibly. Since college students are young and usually have little income however, there should be limits on the amount of money they are allowed to borrow so that they do not go into serious debt.

  • No . .

    They are still children , they will misuse it . They have higher APR . Make some évidences ok for your work . This is supposed to be a debate. Not a speech . They will also have identity theft as they are C H I L D R E N

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