• No, they Should Pay!!

    People who want to go to college should pay for college. They have to learn how to work for what they want. You don’t just go out in the streets demanding what you want without doing anything for it. Yes, there are poor people who need an education that do deserve it, but we cannot teach people to sit on their lazy bums and get college, where others who work extremely hard and don’t meet the requirements to get free college cannot get it. For instance, the lower class people do not have to do anything to get their own college while the middle class barely has the money to pay for college, and the upper class don’t really have to worry about what the cost for college. Although the prices may be high, you can go to college at any age, so start saving up for the price, little by little. People shouldn’t always rely on the government all of the time. If you can’t afford to go to college, then don’t even bother making people pity for you when you say you can’t pay for it!

  • Yes they should, and yes they will

    Yes, college students should and will. Why? Because the cost of college has not reached a point where students won't go, if they can get the funding. No one is forced to go to college, yet people are going in droves and the good schools are getting thousands of applicants more than they can take, they great schools tension thousands more. My college is nothing like Harvard, yet it continually rejects around half of applicants.

    Simply put, more people are going to college than should. How many go to college for years, rack up debt, and then can't get a job? It's their own foolishness for not pursuing a practical degree when they don't have the money to. It's fascinating that some with bachelor's degrees can't find jobs but people who got military training or went to some 6 month program are steadily employed.

    If people just want a cheap education, go to your community college. I'm from a poor family and going to a prestigious college and paying for it entirely on my own - because either work hard and know that the path I'm pursuing will put me in a position to pay off any loans I get in just a year or two of working. If college debt is already "too burdensome", then don't go to college!

  • College tuitions are WAY too high

    College prices should not continue to go up because it has been blamed on silly things instead of just saying why they need the money, they are not stopping rising, and it is not fair that the pressure to get more money is being put on the students and their families.

  • No they shouldn't

    They should not have to pay higher tuition fees the foreigners should have to pay the highest amount of money. In fact out of state students have to pay higher tuition fees, so why not the foreigners that are coming to America pay more than the people that live here in America.

  • They pay enough.

    No, college students should not pay higher tuition, because they are already too burdened with what they pay. College students often pay off their debt until they retire. There is little to insulate students from growing costs, and universities need to find ways to limit expenses, rather than just pass them on to college students, who feel like they don't have a choice.

  • No, definitely not.

    No, college students should not pay higher tuition. If anything the government should help college students even more by working with schools to lower the cost of tuition and to give students more money to attend college. Never before in history has tuition been so high to go to schools and have degrees been proven to be so worthless in job finding in many cases.

  • College Students are already crippled by student loan debt.

    Most colleges are not raising tuition anyhow. Colleges have begun practicing the underhanded system of raising student fees rather than the actual tuition. You don't pay more in tuition to have computer labs, you just pay a technology fee. You don't pay more tuition to have your dorm room painted in between semesters, you get a beautification fee. Beyond that, 4 years at a state institution can bury you in student loans for at least ten years after college. Students are paying enough.

  • No I don't.

    College students should not pay higher tuition. They already go broke just trying to take a few classes, making it higher will make it hard for anyone to be able to get an increased education. It will make it hard for the country to move on and get better and understand more things.

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