• Yes Ofcourse, It should be less.

    I think Government should control the cost of college tuition fee. There many students who could not afford high tuition fee so they are not able to continue their studies. If government lower the fee of college tuition then it can provide chance to many students to continue their further studies.

  • Because i said so

    Peanut butter is awesome. It is yummy. So is pizza. Mm mmm mmm pizzzaaaa. I like meat on my pizza, no veggies. Veggies get eaten with ranch or veggie dip stuff. I also like chicken. Especially breaded chicken in a big yummy salad with lettuce, spinach, egg, ranch, and carrots. And thats why college should be free. Also i love harry styles

  • College should be more affordable.

    It can be a challenge for students to get a decent education, and many are left with mountains of debt after graduation. Schooling should be more affordable, so that more people have the opportunity to seek higher education, and so that those who do will not spend the first part of their working lives trying to pay down debt.

  • Help The Economy

    More people would be able to attend and graduate college, more people would have better jobs, more people would have a better life, the economy would rise. A wealthy country is always better than a poor country. With more people educated, there will be more people that choose good choices. This world be be much more safer for the posterity.

  • Bitch I might be

    Because the world need more unicorns and their existence is threatened by the existence of educated beings, beings who's brains are like poison to the gentle and noble beasts that is thee unicorn. Gosh golly I'm hungry, as a Leviathan I need people to know that I support inter galactic relationships.

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