Should colleges admit students based on racial quotas?

  • Colleges Should Provide Mixed Racial Demographics

    I believe college is a very important time for students to learn more about society and how it can best function. I do not have a problem with colleges admitting students based on racial quotas because that would guarantee that all students interact with all races while attending to college. I think this could lead to more open minded graduates that could go on to benefit the world more due to their experiences.

  • Affirmative action is messy but good

    There are certain criterias for affirmative action. Much like the stock market needed a bailout in 2007, Higher education needed more minorities. Minorities have a great story to tell, and are represented well now. This is partially due to affirmative action. It creates the desire and need to know that you can attend higher education.

  • If anything, racial quotas are racist

    Judging people by the colour of their skin goes against everything that the Civil Rights movement worked for in the 20th century. "Not judging a book by its cover" is what we all learn in primary school, yet it seems that the people who run higher education (particularly in the US and UK) have completely forgotten this. I think that it is important that minorities should have places in colleges and universities, but to reserve the already limited places for minorities is like reserving seats on a bus for whites. Just imagine if colleges started to reserve college places for whites, and whites only. There would be no debate.

  • NO, not fair

    Someones future shouldn't be ruined because of some racial quota. If they worked hard and deserve to be in that college, then they should be allowed in. The admissions shouldn't even be able to see what race you are when you apply, so that they can't set any quotas. Every race is the same and that's the magical part about the world, we're all just people.

  • And then what?

    Affirmative action cuts off a perfectly good guy who has great plans because of his skin color. This works for both sides, as if they have some racist idiot in charge of admissions, he or she could do the cutoff at the exact number, and if there was no quota, more of that group could have gotten in. Giving people who discriminate a minimum number effectively gives them license to discriminate freely when that number has been reached. Prejudice is free. Discrimination has costs.

  • Colleges should not admit based on racial quotas

    Colleges should not admit students based on racial quotas because this is unfair. Instead colleges should admit based on academic standing. An education should be given to those who deserve it and not just given to anyone based on unrelated reasons to academia. By accepting people on racial quotas, this can degrade the quality of students on the campus.

  • Colleges should nt discriminate

    Colleges should not admit people on racial quotas. It is harmful for both the students that do not get accepted and for the students that did. It can also bring up resentment from the students that got passed over but also had higher grades. Kids should qualify by their academic abilities.

  • No, I don't think that should happen.

    Racial quotas are great in theory, but will hinder deserving students from being accepted over some minority. Colleges will admit minorities to meet their numbers while other deserving students will be denied the opportunity for an education just because they are not a minority. It will foster racism and animosity between the students.

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