• a 'zero tolerance' policy

    The Department of Biology recognizes that nearly all of our students are extremely honest individuals who work very hard to obtain the best grades that they can in their course work. In an effort to protect these students from the very small group of students that may engage in dishonest practices, the Department has adopted a zero tolerance policy with regard to cheating on exams, plagiarism in the preparation of assignments and/or collusion to carry out any of the above. During exams, quizzes or any other activities in which a grade is being assigned or points toward the course are being assessed, if the instructor or an exam proctor observes you cheating your exam, quiz, or paper will be collected and you will receive a grade of zero for that exam or activity.

  • Colleges And Universities

    I personally think that colleges and universities should adopt a zero tolerance policy regarding academic dishonesty because it could affect the student's learning. I personally think that colleges and universities should a zero tolerance policy regarding academic dishonesty because some students is dishonest because of the other students as well as they would think its cool to do.

  • A lot do

    Yes, if someone is cheating on their work, then they need to have a very harsh punishment set into affect on them. They need to fail the course for getting caught trying to cheat, or plagarize anything. This would make students not cheat as much as they do currently in schools.

  • Every One Makes Mistakes

    That being said, maybe they would be doing people a favor with how expensive schools are these days. If they did have a zero tolerance policy maybe people would not be made to be in debt for half of their adult life. For real though, we all do stupid things because we feel the pressure to get ahead. They kind of make people want to cheat the system. Many people do but get away with it depending on who they know.

  • Not zero tolerance.

    Let me first say that academic dishonesty is a terrible thing and should be frowned upon. If someone does it, they should have to pay some sort of price for it. But sometimes this is done out of desperation, just to pass. We must get away from punishing people permanently for their missteps.

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