Should Colleges ban selling junk food and soft drinks?

Asked by: Nyclover55
  • Should Be Banned

    "Responsible adults", end up doing various undesirable stuff as well. Banning junk food is a good initiative and will promote good health and well being. If everyone against it feels that college students are big enough and know what to do, the why doesn't everyone get an A? Isn't that what college students are supposed to do? Why do we see so many obese kids? According to you people, they know what to eat!!Why do so many college students end up doing drugs? If they know what is good for them, then why do they do it?
    Similarly, junk food can allure anyone because of it's taste and cheap price. To stop this temptation of killing yourself slowly that too in your 4 most crucial years of life, junk food should be banned.

  • Yes no junk

    We should stop giving our money to those big profitable junk food company to kill us. Selling junk food in the college is like the college itself is promoting junk food. College student maybe old enough to make their own decision, but the food flavoring could blur their judgement. Just like some countries have to ban drug, everyone knows drug is bad but some still fall for it.

    Posted by: PuPu
  • Hurts health and study habbits

    In college, you should work extremely hard. Those are the years which determine your future; the years which determine if you will be a garbage man or a wealthy lawyer. Candy hurts study habits and tends to make people less focused on work. It is also very damaging to people's health. Without junk food, more people will be inspired to eat nutritional-rich food with energy to improve one's thinking power.

  • Not at all

    The first thought that came to my mind was that the college could not pay for extra expenses people are sensilble its their choise to eat either fatty food or salads greens and all that nonsense and anyways if u bann junk food we can alsi eat it in restraunts and buy it from shops so no even if u try or are successful in banning junk food u can not bann it in the whole country

  • Almost all College students are adults

    I think that having those types of food and drink on campus is not necessarily saying that the students have to buy it. They are adults and they should be able to have self control. For the students who become addicted to needing sugary food and/or drink, they are going to get it for themselves either way, whether it be sold at school or not. I don't think that people who sometimes want to enjoy a sugary snack while studying should be deprived of this just because other people don't know how to control their consumption of these foods

  • No, it's a crazy idea

    We all know junk food isn't healthy, but eating one candy bar or having one soft drink here and there won't kill you. Instead of worrying about what others eat, worry about yourselves!! College is for learning, not to dictate what someone else eats. If I want to purge on junk food, so be it. It's not affecting you, now is it?

  • College students are big kids. They can handle themselves.

    There is no point in taking this stuff away from colleges, because if you don't want it, You're not forced to have it. College students know how to take care of themselves and make their own decisions. We shouldn't tell them what they can or can't do. That's not fair to them.

  • Who cares how other people live their lives?

    Are you saying I can't be a fat tubby f*ck because a certain food isn't available? Especially because the government funds public colleges, they shouldn't legislate or control how people live their own lives. Junk food is cheap and suffices hunger. College students don't want salad to stay up 9 hours to study.

  • People shouldn't be saved from their own choices.

    College students have the ability to choose whether they prefer to eat healthy or enjoy a sugary snack. If a student fails due to their own choices, then they deserve the consequences. The college's only concern is to set apart exceptional students, and the best ones wont require restrictions in order to make the right choices.

  • When someone attends college, they are considered to be a responsible adult.

    We are considered adults, therefore we have the right to make our own decisions. It should not be up to the school what can and cannot be sold. Most parents from upon the idea of selling junk food; but there should be some time in our lives, in which we can consume it.

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