• Yes, they should

    I am all for freedom of speech, but this changes once you get on a college campus. College campuses are a positive place. A place to learn and lie all of the ideas on the table, so everyone can give their point of view to open minds; not hateful ones.

  • That's no place or time for hate speech.

    Colleges are places for learning and enlightenment. They are not places for divisive, triggering instances of hate speech. Allowing someone to spew anger and hate is not tolerance. We have deemed such expressions as unacceptable in our society, because they are purely negative. Colleges should indeed censor speech that seeks to promote hate.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe colleges should censor hate speech on campus. College campuses are not the free world and they are there to provide an education. In my time in college that also included awareness and tolerance. I think the college years are a good time to point out the ill effects of hate speech so the students can have a more rounded understanding of their actions before entering the workforce.

  • No Place for Hate Speech

    College campuses are for intellectual freedom, not hate speech. Colleges and universities are for learning and growing, not for degradation. Hate speech is part of the First Amendment right to free speech in America, but colleges should censor hate speech because there is no place for such language in academic discourse.

  • The hate speech just starts as a simple talk but then it is turned into violence.

    I saw people getting bullied,killed,and massacred because of a single hate speech a group said in a conference. Also my dad died because there was someone started a hate speech and 18 people started to beat my dad senescence. So i took the matter into my own hands and killed all of them.

  • Violation of the First Amendment

    This country was founded upon freedom of speech, to even think about limiting free speech on a college campus where everybody has different stances and views is unconstitutional. Political correctness NEVER outweighs the Constitution. Many think we need to be more tolerant in today's society, but limiting free speech is contradicting the idea of tolerance. To be tolerant you have to listen to others opinions even if you don't personally agree with them. Everybody has the right to free speech no matter if it is hate speech or not. If you don't want to listen to hate speech on college campuses, then just IGNORE it!

  • Limiting speech wont solve

    Merely posing restrictions wont get rid of bigotry at the root. Rather, encouraging open discussions will foster a positive learning environment. If students are counseled on how to VOLUNTARILY restrict themselves from saying racist or hateful things, the university would have achieved its goals of fostering learning and being a hub of progressive thought.

  • Hate speech bans are an intolerant response to intolerance

    Hate speech bans are an intolerant response to intolerance Hate speech is definitely a problem, but the solution is not found in hate speech bans. Hate speech bans rightly try to prohibit intolerant speech that is hateful, but in doing so prohibit other speech and viewpoints that need to be shared which is effectively intolerant. Hate speech bans are often used to stop speech that is seen as offensive. Although our society shouldn't accept offensive speech, speech that offends is very subjective and can vary from situation to situation. Not only that, but it is protected under our constitution to protect us from our government. So, if hate speech bans are not the right way to deal with hate speech, what is the right way? I believe hate speech should be protected, but not be socially acceptable. If people are not afraid of going to jail for stating offensive opinions, then another opinion is out there for people to discuss. If this opinion is truly hateful, then our society, media, businesses and schools can act accordingly. Social ostracization is definitely more effective than general prohibitions. (Although, I do think there should be some code of conduct on campus that stops all people from being objectively harmful toward others and also stops conduct that takes interferes and disrupts the academic part of college. This would prohibit the speech that needs to be prohibited, but would not prohibit speech for merely being offensive or mean.)

  • Free speech has no limits

    Colleges are the LAST place on earth to limit free speech. Especially with whats going on with the American colleges where the far left calls everything and anything they disagree with Hate speech and are demanding "safe space". All forms of speech should be allowed everywhere with NO restrictions what so ever.

  • No, as long as its legal

    You can't limit speech on a place where people need to be open minded. The colleges and universities are places for learning and free thinking. If you squash them, your going to get an up rise of free radical speech, and protests. I think the 60's should be an example of this.

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