Should colleges consider the applicants' race in order to have diversity?

  • Yes, race should count above merit

    Of course it should. Dr. King had a dream to judge others by their skin color. The NAACP is proud of what goes a fraction of an inch into your body above all else. Not forcing diversity by judging students on their race...Is racist.

    Don't be a racist, and force schools to judge base on race so we can become a less racist country.

    Posted by: N711
  • No, only grades and interest should be considered.

    Too many topics become a debate about race gender and sexual orientation. But in education, none of this should matter. What does matter is that the individual wants to learn and is willing to pay. There is little reason to look at some ones race. If they are willing to go to college and have a chance at doing well, that is what matters.

  • It is unfair.

    Imagine a black woman not being admitted to a university because the university needed more white men to have sufficient diversity. That would be unfair to her. She would be the victim of racial discrimination. Now, how is it not discrimination if you switch the words white and black? Equality is about equal opportunity, which is provided by an even playing field, not discrimination against the successful.

  • It should be on merit.

    Just looking around my college classes some of the kids in my classes can't read very well. It's kind of wrong to be sending kids out into the world who can't even read just to hit some diversity quota. Plus the kids feel even worse about themselves when they realize they are not up to par.

  • No, you can't end discrimination by discriminating

    Race should not be an issue in college applications. If you favor one student over another because of race, you're discriminating on the basis of race. I can't imagine how some people argue that discriminating against a black student is wrong, but discriminating against a white student is admirable. "Positive discrimination" is a contradiction in terms. All discrimination is wrong.

  • Using race for diversity is a backwards way of thinking.

    The question has a deeper proposition that needs to be addressed: The idea that skin color is indicative of actual diversity. In college, what matters is difference of opinion, perspective, and ideas, and there is no reason to think that one's skin color is indicative of a particular mindset. The diversity of experience among people is what may bring some value to a campus, but their skin color does not give any reason to judge that they are different or similar to others in terms of intellect or opinion.

  • It should be based on qualification.

    No, colleges should not consider the applicant's race in order to have diversity, because that does not make for a better student body. Students should know that every student at the school met the same tough qualifications in order to be admitted to the school. They will have much more peace if they are all on even playing terms.

  • No, they should not.

    There is no grounds for race being a reason as to why a student gets accepted into a college or university. If a university has a set criteria, it should have to be met. If it is not met, too bad for the student. But I do think everyone should have access to higher learning, and for free.

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