Should colleges include homosexual students in their affirmative action criteria?

  • Yes, they should.

    Colleges should include homosexual students in their affirmative action criteria so that this disadvantaged group can have the potential to go to college and succeed in life. A lot of homosexual people are kicked out of their homes or not provided necessary resources because of their sexual preference and that is not right, they should be helped by colleges.

  • Yes, they should be considered due to discrimination.

    Yes, I believe colleges should include homosexual students in that criteria, especially if they consider other minority groups. Just like blacks, for instance, homosexuals have been victimized and treated unfairly in this country for years. They need something to help even the playing field because it's not yet as fair as it needs to be.

  • Hell no !

    No one should, this is the cause of discrimination in schools not a symptom! Why should a moron who happens to be black or gay be chosen over a white not-gay person who is a genius!?!?! That is racism against us whites, so why do they whine when all it is includes genetics that make different skin pigment! Or genetics that make a man feel "hot" when he sees another man. (sorry my stomach is turning right now, i am alright with their right to choose ok? I am not going to choose it myself for MANY reasons, one is that i want my genetics passed on and gays/lesbians can't as a couple.)

  • On Equal Ground

    During my time in college I saw more people who were openly gay and supported by their peers than anywhere else. Assuming that this is the case across the US and I went to college in two different states, I have to assume these policies are meaningless. I suppose they could be thrown in a manual as a set of rules for campus conduct, but assuming American youth are more open minded makes it somewhat unnecessary.

  • No Affirmative Action for anyone.

    First of all, colleges don't even ask about your sexual orientation in the first place. Second, affirmative action is morally corrupt; you are creating inequality for the sake of equality, which is just counter-intuitive as well as discriminatory against heterosexuals. Third, colleges in the US are independent entities that seek profit, which is one of the reasons they are the top of the world in terms of education quality and research output, so to force these entities who are essentially firms to enroll students based on something other than school-related performance will undoubtedly hurt the performance of the school itself.

  • Homosexuality is a religion

    Race and disabilities cannot be hidden from bosses, peers and colleagues in classes or in campus. But religion and homosexuality (which is nothing more than a religion to me) can be hidden and will not factored into the recruitment. Discrimination against religion and sexuality should be outlawed but there shouldn't be affirmative action for homosexuality or religion.

  • Affirmative action is discrimination

    Affirmative action should have been discontinued YEARS ago. People should get into schools and jobs based SOLELY upon their merit, achievements, and abilities. We should not be forcing someone more qualified than someone else out of a job or school based solely upon race or whether they are sexually deviant or not.

  • It creates perverse incentives.

    No, colleges should not include homosexual students in their affirmative action criteria, because that would turn into students who are claiming to be homosexual just to gain an advantage in admissions. Homosexuals have not been discriminated against such that they need a free pass into the university. They would make their degrees less credible, because people will not think they should have gotten in.

  • No. Why should they?

    Why should colleges add one more social group to be more lenient towards. Gay people do not deserve any special rights because of their sexual preference. Them being gay is not going to add diversity to the college. The colleges want diversity race wise. Would colleges start making data about homosexuals too? Saying that there is a 15 minority rate, and then go on to mention the homosexuality rate. That is not a very logical idea. So no, colleges should not consider the sexuality of a person when considering affirmative action.

  • Any Affirmative Action is discriminatory.

    I am a black male. I did not get into college because i am black, i got in because of my GPA. I even have a full tuition scholarship. Affirmative Action is not needed at all. What is needed is a fully MERIT and PERFORMANCE based system of acceptance. My scholarship is not entirely based on my GPA, but also on two essays and an interview. I had to work for that. Homosexual and transgender students are human like the rest of us. Affirmative Action is active participation in bigotry. It would be different if the quality of school is taken into account, and a homosexual person from a poorly funded school with a 3.9 GPA applied, and a heterosexual person with a 3.2 GPA from a well funded school applied. There would have to be outside criteria taken into account.

    If you don't work as hard, you DO NOT deserve the same reward. Period. I do not support Affirmative Action at all. I do oppose bigoted acceptance and hiring practices, though. Which is what Affirmative Action is.

    The reality is that all people experience different advantages and disadvantages based on their characteristics. Picking people based on the same standards is the only way to alleviate that.

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