Should colleges place more emphasis on other forms of assessments than on college admittance examinations like the ACT and SAT?

  • Get Rid of the ACT and SAT

    My GPA is stellar yet I am a terrible test taker. I took the ACT and got a horrible score. It made me question my intelligence and my self confidence level plummeted. I was letting a number out of 36 define how smart I am. Students lose focus of what is important and instead become brain washed by the drive to do well on the ACT. It is 5 hours of your life, why should it define your future?

  • SAT/ACT isn't based on ones intelligence

    I took the ACT back in March and only got an 18 on it. My highest sub-score was a 20, and that was in english. But my GPA is a 4.7, and i'm passing ALL of my AP classes and exams. Obviously when a person is pressured and under stress they wont do well, especially when its based on their life...

  • There are other ways to categorize an individuals intelligence.

    Some people think that just because you take some huge test that the test should determine your admittance into a school. Tests should not define how smart an individual is and why they should or should not be accepted into the college of their dreams. Many people have been denied and I don't feel that is right.

  • Good grades equals good life

    There are many kids that don't do well while in collage, but if they study well for this test than they will do better in school and they can have a very successful life and they will do better in school.If they don't take this test seriously then they will get a bad grade and they won't get a good review for a job

  • Colleges Should Place Emphasis on other forms of Assessments than on College Admittance Examinations like the S.A.T. Or the A.C.T.

    When I took the A.C.T. The first time I got a 19 cumulative on the A.C.T. And an 18 when I retook it in college at a community college. Now, I'm almost finished with two degrees at a community college and I have a 3.59 G.P.A. What does that say? I took a College Success class, and it said that I wouldn't make it out of college. I am now in two honors societies and looking into joining the Honors Program at another school. I have had an almost perfect G.P.A. For years now, and looking back I see that the A.C.T. Had no barring on my college success. I will be transferring, briefly, to a community college with a better music program to help make the transition into a private university easier. I actually found out, today, that I have the gift of perseverance, and that is what has pushed me through my G.P.A. To get the scores that I have now. Although, the A.C.T. Did play on my self-confidence where I had many periods of low self-confidence. I feel like if I persevered through the tough classes with only two tough gen eds left to complete next semester, then the one standardized score didn't encapsulate me one iota. My advice for those with low standardized scores or not good pressure test-takers, go to a community college, build up your g.P.A. For at least one year, and then transfer to your desired university; make sure to get as many gen eds completed that they require. I'm completing my associates degrees first to secure that level before going on, and if you get over 30 hours successfully completed at a community college, you get invited to join the National Honors Society (Phi Theta Kappa) for community college which looks really good to universities and employers. I'm also in touch with the honors society which gives scholarships and helps when transferring. So, there are good benefits.

  • GPA over SAT

    It is difficult to understand why so much emphasis is placed on a single test. You can show a consistent history of maintaining good grades (4.0 and above) throughout your high school career, but it seems like none of that matters if you don't perform well on the SAT or ACT. I don't believe one test should have that much weight on College Admissions.

  • Colleges shouldnt look at test scores at all

    Test scores do not accurately assess the knowledge of a student. You can have an off day, and that will haunt you forever. For example, you didnt get enough sleep the night before the sat or act, and then boom. Your dream college wont accept you. All of this funnels down to pressured tests that stress students and decrease their potential.

  • ACTs is a must!

    ACTs should be used because there is so many student who want to go to school and dont have the knowledge to get to where there going and with the ACTs a person can prepare themselves to do what is best for there lifes and there future. I agree with emphasis on ACTs.

  • ACT tests are not accurate.

    It is evident that through 4 ACT tests taken, subject scores varied from 4 to 6. Why can't you take the highest scores of multiple tests and make that your average. In school, I have 3.8 GPA and help others that get scores of 28 - 30. Understand the material. On the ACT I'm a 24, but my best of all scores could have made me a 27. Also, luck should never be allowed on a test of this magnitude. Scores would change dramatically if it were fill in the blank instead of picking a, b, c, or d.

  • Does not show ones true potential, low scores can fade away accomplishments

    Kids living in impoverished communities have many other obligations that take away dedication from school work. Even the brightest, due to culture, family values etc, have limited resources and opportunity. Because those who truly aren't able to dedicate enough time to study end up with low SAT/ACT scores that put them in bad light. They aren't able to show their true potential therefore losing admittance to their dream colleges.

    Posted by: lizz
  • Colleges should focus on ACT and SAT scores, so students know exactly what to focus on.

    The ACT and SAT are traditional and nationwide standards for high school students looking towards college to focus on. If colleges and universities started focusing on more assessments than those, it would be more difficult for aspiring secondary education students to know what to prepare for, in order to apply to the schools of their choice. High school is complicated enough.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • As ACT and SAT scores are proven indicators of later college success, so they should not be de-emphasized in the college admittance process.

    Colleges rely on ACT and SAT scores for a simple reason, they are proven indicators of later success at college. Whereas grades can vary widely, depending on the school system, the ACT and SAT act as universal test that can reveal the intelligence of prospective students. Furthermore, most colleges already take into account a wide variety of other aspects, such as extracurricular activities, geography, wealth of parents, and, through affirmative action, even race and sex. Thus, there is no reason to further de-emphasize the ACT or SAT.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • The traditional admittance exams are efficient to me because they protect the university from applying precious resources on people unlikely to benefit from them.

    No university can admit every student that applies, so clearly admittance exams are here to stay. They give the school the legal grounds to not admit people who do not have the culmination of knowledge they will need for success in an institution of higher learning. At the very least admittance exams should always play a part- but other talents should be considered if a student falls short on the exam metric.

    Posted by: tabundes
  • What "OTHER" for should we use?

    Everyone is saying we should use some "other" form of assessment but no one is suggesting what for that should be. If, as one person claims, ACT/SAT creates a "fuzzy" snapshop, then what would essays create? ACT/SAT accomplishes quite the opposite. It creates a black and white snapshop where essays create something fuzzy. Put yourself in the shoes of a college admissions counselor. How could you possible read, grade, and rank 8,000 essays? Could you imagine how subjective that would become? Presumably, that job of reading the essays would be divided between a number of people. That creates the opportunity for bias. Each grader is going to read each essay through a different lense. As a result, a student who should have been accepted might be denied admission just because the wrong person graded his essay. The reality is that we as people need to be graded. We, as working adults, are evaluated and graded in our jobs everyday. Having a clear understanding of what is expected of us is crucial if were going to meet those expectations. It's not different for ACT/SAT. Students need to know exactly what's expected of them (ACT/SAT) to get into the college they want. That allows them to set goals and do what's necessary to accomplish those goals. If it wasn't for that clarity, students would have more angst over exactly what's expected of them to be admitted to the college of their dreams.

  • I do not agree that colleges need to rely on other forms of assessment than the ACT or SAT when deciding whom to admit to their school.

    Colleges need a standard way of assessing the academic abilities of students entering their institutions. The ACT and SAT offer that. That does not mean that they can not consider high school performance or portfolios. However, the standardized tests allow the institutions to assess which students will need remedial work in order before being allowed to take college level courses. There is no reason why a person entering college cannot do well on these exams. Students can go to preparatory classes for these exams, get practice books from bookstores, or practice on-line. Students need to be pro-active on their own behalf. If they are not, then maybe they are not yet ready for college. The ACT and SAT held determine a students' academic skills. If the student is entering a trade school, the assessment needs might be different.

    Posted by: IindsM3II0w

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