Should colleges stop giving credit for AP scores?

  • Yes, Because AP Scores Don't Measure Much

    Colleges should stop giving college credits for AP scores, because the tests don't really measure anything anymore. Many students are just taught to pass the tests instead of actually learning the knowledge and information they need. The AP classes used to be a simulated college course in high school, but there isn't much comparison between the two. Colleges are better off having students take the real classes to make sure they really have the knowledge and experience.

  • They Should Continue Giving Credit

    Colleges should not stop giving credit for AP scores. If students in high school are ahead of their peers and want to challenge themselves they should be able to take AP classes in high school. There is really no harm in doing so. AP courses should be encouraged, not discouraged.

  • No, AP scores are good, standardized tests

    AP scores allow students to test out of basic classes. The tests are national and standardized, and ensure that the students who pass the AP exams have all the knowledge they would have gained through taking a college course. If we force students to take courses they are already proficient in, then we are wasting not only their time and money, but the resources of the university. This method is a way to ensure all students get what they need, at least as close as we are able.

  • No, colleges should not stop giving credit for AP scores.

    AP stands for advanced placement suggesting that the student is smarter than the average high schooler and can keep up with college level material. AP credits are a fantastic way to provide student incentive to perform up to their capabilities and they should be rewarded for doing so. They allow them to move more quickly through college and enter the workforce which is important.

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