Should colleges subsidize their crowd-pleasing sports stars?

  • Yes colleges should subsidize their sports stars

    Yes, I think its a good way to gather public attention if colleges start subsidizing their crowd pleasing sports starts. It should not be made a compulsory thing but those colleges that do want to subsidize should have the authority to do so. It will not only reward those who have talent but also gather publicity for college in a positive way.

  • Yes, colleges should subsidize their crowd-pleasing sports stars.

    Yes, it is important for colleges to subsidize their crowd-pleasing sports stars. Sports are an important part of college identity. College sports stars provide excellent publicity for colleges and help to keep the public interested in colleges. Subsidizing sports stars will keep colleges in the public eye in a positive way.

  • They are already getting a free ride

    For many this is a stepping stone to making millions in their chosen sports. If you aren't good enough to move on, then you got a free education. If you are moving on then you stand to make millions of dollars based on what you did at the collegiate level.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Colleges were created to provide an education, not to provide spectators with a sporting event. For this reason, athletes should not be subsidized by the college. I think we would be better off to eliminate sports at this level from the colleges and implement a minor league or pre-professional league. Colleges need to keep their goals in mind.

  • Everyone should pay their way

    Colleges should not feel obliged to subsidize sporting talent. Although they may be crowd-pleasers, sports stars are just college students too. Why should they be rewarded for their talent. Should colleges then not subsidize those with other talents, perhaps musical geniuses, or gifted actors? That would never happen. Just because sport is popular with the wider public, this does not mean that they should be exempt from payment.

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