Should colleges switch to online work submissions?

  • Reduces Paper Waste, Saves Trees

    Submitting work online is an everyday occurrence in America. Colleges and universities should adopt the same policy to save time, money, paper and trees. Online work gets to professors faster and prevents misplacement of papers (unless it gets deleted from an inbox). Submitting online means no paper and more trees are saved by not using paper.

  • Yes, in some classes.

    I did not think that I was going to lie submitting my homework assignments online, but I have learned to love it over the course of this past semester. I believe that it has really helped me to succeed in my Statistics class this fall, doing homework online and submitting my assignments online. It makes learning more enjoyable and simpler. But, I don't think that all classes should require students to submit assignments via the internet. It really depends on the class.

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