• Why are we subsidizing dumber and dumber people to go to college? The problem a lot of them are going to be using taxpayer money!

    Really? We're going to start giving less and less qualified people Pell grants and private bank loans backed by Sallie Mae (which will have to be rescued by the taxpayer if this college debt blows up) more money to attend college. How do we think this ends. Honestly, if the college has to loosen standards to admit more people to pay the bills then they should not have overbloated their administrative payroll and installed resort-like amenities (olympic pools, climbing walls) at their schools. Now their going to let whoever in???

    This behavior is similar to the mortgage melt down. Banks were literally fighting over the right to make the crappiest loans possible (no money down, bad credit scores, no income verfification) and now colleges are starting to fight over admitting the crappiest students??!!

    Liberal wonderland, everybody should own a home everyone should go to college.

  • If Someone Can Pay, They Can Attend

    American colleges facing a financial crisis should loosen admission standards so they can pay the bills. If someone can afford to attend, they should. California's open admission policy can be followed at other state-supported institutions throughout America. If someone can afford to pay tuition, then they should attend. Scholarship and financial aid based upon merit should be toughened as competition for such scholarships are fierce.

  • Some Universities are already tough enough

    I personally feel the college admissions are as tight as they need to be as of right now. I think it is fine having some colleges that offer open enrollment, such as most regional ones, well more sufficient colleges, like Harvard, have a certain critera that must be met in order for a student to be accepted.

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