• College should be free

    If a person out there has the intelligence to help the world out with their science or math skills and don't have the money to go to college, the world would be missing out. People who have potential and the knowledge to go to college and make a difference won't be able to do so if they don't have the money. In Europe, some colleges and top universities are free! People like Leonardo Da Vinci, attended colleges in europe. People should all have equal opportunities and should be able to pursue their dreams. If colleges were free, who knows what the world might have invented today. Maybe a cure for cancer? Or a new object that can better our daily lives. But we won't know since colleges are not free.

  • Colleges are to expensive.

    There are many people that wish to go to college, but simply can't just because they cant afford it. More people could be getting jobs and less having trouble supporting themselves or their families. Even with scholarships that can be earned, sometimes it isn't enough. People could help the world with where they go in college, but we won't know because they simply couldn't afford it.

  • Yes, Of course!

    It's just way too much money, The cost is unreasonable. All poor students want is to be able to live in this cruel world, And they can't even do that without going homeless or without buying the cheapest foods there is to offer. Apparently, At 2 universities in Cali show that 8-12% of their students are homeless, And 1/5 students can't even afford to eat food. There are many students that cannot go to a university only because of the price - they're smart enough, Are accepted in, Just that single thing stopping them.

  • College cost to much

    I think college should cost less because you live the rest of your life on a job that you got out of college otherwise you could work at a cheep place like mcdonalds and never have a fun happy life with lots of friends. That is why I choose yes

  • College should cost less

    College should cost less because it would boost the economy, there would be more students, it would be better for businesses, there would be a major drop in crime rate and last we would all be smarter giving us a world we would want to leave for our kids. Sincerely m.J.S

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  • I went to a fully accredited university

    It cost me less than $25000 total. I have a good paying job. I can compete with kids who have my same degree from colleges that spent $60,000 a semester and do very well against them. Colleges can be cheaper, but most of the time you pay for the prestige of a name. Which, lets face it, is pathetic. Knowledge is knowledge no matter what the banner of your school looks like.

  • Without money colleges are pointless

    The purpose of going to college is to gain the knowledge and experience so that you can get a job in the workforce. This knowledge is delivered through high paid professors, technology, expensive material and curriculum. Without the high tuition, schools wouldn't be able to afford any of that and the education at universities would decline defeating the purpose of college, which s why high tuitions are necessary.Also if someone wants to go to college community colleges are only a few thousand a year and offer financial aid.

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