Should Collegiate Athletics get paid for playing the sport they enjoy?

Asked by: TravelingtheUSA
  • Jobs, Money, Food

    I believe they should, its dedication, hard work that got them their they had to sacrifice things to get there. And now that they are there they have to put in almost all their time in the sport and school and they don't get time to go apply for a job and earn money to get food. Reports have been said that most athletes go to bed hungry because they don't have time or the money to get a meal before bed. I hope this helped

  • If a school is making a profit from athletics then the athletes should be paid.

    The University of Louisville's basketball program collected $12 million in ticket sales last season. The schools tuition and board is around $15,000.00 a year. Assuming there are 15 players receiving full athletic scholarships, these students athletes are receiving less than 3% of what the school is making off of their labor. And less than that if you include what the school is making from concessions and parking. I do not believe tuition and board is simply enough compensation for student athletes who are making schools millions.

  • Students are provided with a quality education

    Collegiate Athletics should not be paid a salary or any monetary value for playing a college sport. After all, many of these athletics are getting a full ride scholarship which pays for a majority of their educational needs and even if the student is not getting any type of a scholarship (like they have in NCAA Division III schools), the student knows they are playing for enjoyment and not for financial gains.

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