Should Colorado Legalize Marijuana in Schools?

Asked by: Susie123456
  • It should be legalized

    Weed does not need to be smoked. It can be used multiple ways such as in edibles such as brownies or cookies. Not only can you eat it in food but you can just take it in hash pills. And you do not have to be stoned for the effects to work it activates the frontle lobe witch supports creativity and concentration. Studies show that it can relief stress and with kids not worrying about home work or not finishing i feel that legalizing marijuana in schools would make our schools more successful.

  • Absolutely outrageous and ridiculous.

    First of all, a child should not even be smoking at all, much less marijuana. I already disagree with the legalization of marijuana due to it's effects, but allowing kids to use it is outrageous. Especially smoking in a school environment. Why would kids be smoking in school? I think it's unnecessary, outrageous and a horrible idea overall.

  • It presents too much bad and outweighs the good.

    Legalizing marijuana in schools is a terrible option. It would teach the kids that it's ok to smoke marijuana, even when you're 6. It would pollute the school's air so terribly, and cause horrific second-hand smoking.
    If marijuana was legalized in school it would give students a way to get it, and teach instant gratification. You should learn to be patient, and hard working in school. You should not be learning how to roll a cigarette.

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