Should Colorado lower tax rates on the sale of legal marijuana to promote legal purchasing?

  • yes they should!

    Lower taxes are always a great way to promote sales! Besides, it's a plant that they grow, so they can probably set the tax at just about any price they want. I think that this would be a great idea if they are wanting to raise the amount of sales.

  • Colorado Lower Taxes Will Promote Legal Marijuana Sales

    Colorado lower tax rates on the sale of marijuana will promote legal purchasing. Thus making the market price for the marijuana more competitive and more affordable to potential clients, as well as accumulating more money for the state. The tax proceedings from the legal purchases can be used for community spending and preventing illegal drugs distribution.

  • We don't even need it

    Legal marijuana is one of the stupidest ideas ever conceived by man. Sure, there are certain cases where it can help but we already have drugs that can work better and more efficiently without the harmful and addictive effects. Until we find a way that marijuana can be better than other drugs in any case, it should be outlawed, not promoted.

  • Thats what people wanted

    Whenever pot heads where asked "why should we legalize it?" one of the most common answers is "the government could tax the Sh** out of it" . So they did! You cant complain about it now, and it fair! No one wants a bunch of potheads in the workforce anyway.

  • Colorado Should Not Lower Tax Rates on Marijuana Sales

    Colorado is one of the few states to have legalized the purchase of marijuana. For many of its residents, this has proved to be a popular new law. And if you look around the state of Colorado, you can't help but notice a sudden boom in infrastructure repair. Coincidence? Probably not. In fact, the tax base has increased due to the legal sale of marijuana, and if that new found surplus is helping fix some of Colorado's most needed road projects, lowering the tax doesn't make sense.

  • No, Colorado should not lower the marijuana tax.

    Marijuana is now a legal commodity that residents of Colorado can purchase. This is just one of many products that are taxed. Lowering the tax rate on marijuana will only bring into question the tax rates of other products. In my opinion it would be unfair to lower the tax rates of marijuana without doing a thorough review of the tax rates of other products as well.

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