Should Columbus Day be abolished as a national holiday?

  • No more Columbus day!

    Why do they celebrate such an evil man who oppressed the lives of so many Natives when he landed here.
    It's equivalent to celebrating the Holocost and the millions of people who were taken to the gas Chambers. . . In this politically correct society we live in, It's time to rid the reminders of the past and not indulge in any form of racism or oppression by celebrating the lives of men such as these.

  • Worse than Hitler

    So everyone can agree Hitler was a horrible person, So what’s the difference? Just because it led to the discovery of the Americas?

    He killed, Raped, Stole & enslaved indigenous people, If you are from the carribean and N. America (Native Americans) our ancestors, And people celebrate this?

    Would people today think it’s lkay for U. S. Troops to go to a country that isn’t developed and did the same thing, But it’s ok because that helped us expand our territory?

  • Get rid of it!

    Columbus was an awful person who did horrible things! He didn't prove the Earth was round. Never set foot in the United States. Supported genocide of native people's because they didn't have gold. And the only reason his expedition was supported was because the monarchy was desperate. Why are we celebrating this! ? ! ?

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  • Leif Erikson Should Be Celebrated Instead

    Get this: another man by the name of Leif Erikson sailed over to modern-day Newfoundland 500 years before Columbus. However, He also managed to:

    - Earn the name "Leif the Lucky" by saving a castaway on the way there.
    - Not rape, Murder, Or steal from Native Americans on the way there.
    -Actually become the first European to land in America.

    Not only that, But Leif Erikson was a genuine, Tried and true viking. But not a viking that would plunder villages and steal things. . . You know, Something that Columbus did. . . Leif Erikson was an explorer, And an important man in both Norse history and North American history.

  • Would anyone support a Joseph Stalin day? Or Hitler day

    Imagine if Columbus had the power of Stalin there would have been no Indians he would have killed them all. . . . . . . . . . How about a chief Joseph or sitting bull day. . . . . . . . . . . . Geronimo day. . . . . . . . . . Red cloud. . . . . . . . . . . Crazy horse. . . . . Just imagine if George Custer became president it was his goal to exterminate all Indians. . . Even worse Tecumseh Sherman day. . . . . He terminated all the buffalo and most of the Indians what was left moved to reservations. . . . . . Sherman to this day is a celebrated general he is is on a parr with Reinhardt heydrich

  • End of columus day

    Christopher Columbus did not discover America he may have voyaged here but what he really did was rape kill and enslave all natives here in America. And You cant discover what is already their Columbus day is celebrated more than MLK day and a lot of schools perdominantly white schools don't celebrate black history month instead the celebrate essentially a slave owner.

  • Finally changing !

    I wrote a crossfire article in The Gamecock, USC's student newspaper, about the necessity to change perception of Christopher Columbus's voyages and actions and the ensuing invasion of the Americas by European migrants, the attempted destruction of Native cultures back in October 1992. Then, almost NO ONE was mentioning the idea of suppressing Columbus day... I am so glad to see that things have changed so much on the level of thoughts... But reality must also change in the favor of all Native peoples in the Americas and elsewhere, and reparations must be thought of as actions.

  • Columbus day should be abolished.

    Celebrating for a man who murdered thousands of Native Indians who lived there, greedy for gold. He cut off Indain's hands who didn't bring enough gold. Not only that but also, he didn't actually find the new continent; America. More than 700 hundred years ago, the Europian Vikings found America. Let's abolish Columbus day as a national holiday!! XD

  • He is a murderer

    He never discovered america and he even murdered thousands of Indians and he was a SLAVE OWNER Columbus day should be DEAD he was a bad man who destroyed homes and every one knew the earth was round he did nothing good for us or any one else he wasn't even the first one to discover america

  • Colombus was a bad person, but did amazing things.

    Chris didn't discover America, but no one else who did came back to their homeland and started an age of exploration. Yes he did wrong things like owning slaves, but so did George Washington and 7 other presidents. It was common then and has been through history. His aspect of life was different than ours, so he, along with the rest. The Native Americans had first discovered America, but Christopher took it to another level. Without Christopher Columbus, we might not even be here right now. Yes, he was a bad person, but bad people can do amazing things. Hitler during his time of rule started the biggest campaign to stop smoking in that time. Also, even if he didn't discover it, when did the first Indians find it? There is no way to know when America was actually discovered. This gives us a time to celebrate the beginnings of a great country. The culture back then was extremely racist. Even in this age we still have racism (though not nearly as much) and it has been going on ever since humans have been on this Earth. Less commonly used is the term ethnocentrism. This means that one race judges another based on their own. This happened a lot because most cultures didn't come into contact with another and travel was rare. Therefore, Columbus, as well as the rest of the world, would see a new race and judge them off of not being white. The Indians also did this to Columbus, its just that he was more advanced. I then conclude, Columbus day should be celebrated because it points out a time when America was discovered and it also started a age of exploration that invoked learning and trade.

  • Columbus day should not be abolished.

    In many cases the number one reason that people state that Columbus day should be abolished is because of disease which was cured where, guess what on the land that he discovered and the land that he discovered also led to the computer/phone that allows us to talk about this today or eventually more than likely someone else would have found america.

  • Not perfect, but critically important

    This effort to eradicate this man from history begins with changing his name from Cristoforo Colombo to Christopher Columbus, and ends with the lies that he introduced slavery to the new world, and practiced genocide. Without his bravery the benefits of Western civilization would be unknown to the American continent. Stand against anti-Italian propaganda.

  • If we abolish then, then we should abolish everything that celebrates more cruel people in history, such as King James the First, Winston Churchill

    The king of Denmark who conquered Greenland in the 19th century, etc. No, I don't believe that we should ban Columbus. It's the same kinda nonsense as trying to ban Hitler. What next? I think it's a double standard. Why can't Germans celebrate Hitler or Italians celebrate Columbus if they please?

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