• Why shouldn't they

    I don't see a problem with companies merging together. Just as long as it doesn't turn into some weird monopoly that charges through the roof for services. As long as that remains affordable its a good thing for buisnesses to combine powers with one another in my opinion. Its capitalism.

  • Will Comcast Own the Internet?

    Comcast are vying to buy out Time-Warner, in a move which would see the media giant dominate some 40% of the US broadband market. Due to the bottom-line nature of big business, this would lead to higher prices for all, and a reduction in diverse opinion across all platforms owned by Comcast. The FCC need to pay ever closer attention to the deal.

  • No Comcast - Time Merger

    Comcast and Time are both already big enough without joining forces, so this merger should not be allowed. When companies get too big, they develop a monopoly and often run smaller companies out of business, which often leaves consumers with no choice but to use their services. Competition is good for the market.

  • No, the Comcast - Time merger should not be approved.

    A monopoly is rarely a good thing. This merger would create a broadband internet market monopoly larger than anything we have ever seen. As a minimum, there should be a hearing to determine if it is a good idea or even if it is legal. They are both rich enough as it is.

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