Should Comics/Graphic Novels Be Accepted As A Textbook?

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  • Children Will Find Learning More Fun

    Children like comics and graphic novels, so using them as textbooks will make learning more fun for students. Rather than using those boring textbooks with no colour, but a lot of writing, using pictures and bright colours, will allow students to find the learning more intriguing. If students are left uninterested, they will be tuned out. Whereas, if they are interested, curious, and eager, they will absorb more information.

  • These books can actually get them engaged into the project in whch the can understand better

    Maybe some kids have a reslly hard time getting engaged into things so maybe a teacher might suggest a graphic or maybe even introduce a graphic novel for the first just so they can get engeged in the project or the subject of the learning material that the teacher or counselor has provided

  • They hold the children's attention.

    I personally, being in middle school and all, think comic books would make an excellent learning tool. The stories will capture a child's attention and the plots of struggling heroes will teach them morals and things about the world in which they live. Many studies have also proven that the illustrations help with children with comprehending the story and details within. Also, people who say comics are irrelevant because they are fiction are pretty much being biased. Not to long ago i went through my language arts book and saw that most of the readings were fiction, only not as interesting.

  • They are irrelevant.

    Comic books are works of fiction. They give no relevant information about the important subjects kids are going to school for such as math, and science. Though a series could be made created to be a text book, it would basically be like the books they use for grade school kids loaded with pictures. To convert text books into a comic format would drastically increase the volume of pages. Kids need to grow up past the point of picture books. What next, are teens going to want recess, gold stars and nap times?
    About the only relevance they may have in school would be a if the kid was taking a class on media arts. If that is the case and they want to pursue a career in the comic book industry, odds are they have more than enough study material already.
    Clearly buying comic books for students would be a waist of money and would likely distract them from their real studies.

  • What does a comic book have to do with textbooks?

    Comic books are fun and fictional. I mean I guess you could make a comic book textbook, but kids won't really learn. They will be to focused on the graphic to actually process the lesson. I don't think that comics/graphic novels have any educational content. Textbooks are boring and I know that comics would be more fun, but the pictures will be distracting and there aren't even words in comics.

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