Should comments on this site be moderated? If yes, what kinds of things?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Comments Should Be Moderated

    I do not believe there is a community on the Internet that would not benefit from moderation. While this site may not need a heavy amount of moderation, it could use a little. Checking comments for accuracy and spelling would be a great task for a moderator, as well as making sure comments make sense.

  • Moderation is necessary to ensure time is not wasted reading false opinions

    Sometimes people just want to play and talk trash. This is not a way to establish healthy debate. In order to harbor intelligent debate, it must be moderated in some way. If the site is moderated, people will enjoy it more, at least those who take it seriously, rather than those who like to post trash opinions to be rude and hateful or funny or otherwise. Comments should be moderated.

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