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  • Building for Tomorrow

    There is a constant need for more land since the population of urban enviorments will only continue to grow as time goes on. The need for reasonable living situations, as well as areas for retail and other businesses will become more vital over time, and in order to curb the demand building vertical buildings will the be the smartest solution.

  • Yes, they should

    Yeah, I do think commercial buildings should go vertical to save land. This is of utmost importance now, with booming populations and global warming and resources being used up too quickly. I think it's ugly when things get so cramped and compact, but it is the only way the world has to go now.

  • There's room there.

    Yes, commercial building should go vertical to save land, because that is a good way to deal with a shortage of space. In small spaces, like in big cities, most of the land is already used up. New companies cannot start businesses down town if the price to rent an office is too high.

  • When It's Possible

    I believe commercial buildings should be vertical to save land. Large buildings and even large parking lots cause rain water to run off differently than it would if the buildings were not there. The more buildings and parking lots there are, the higher the chance of flooding. If these buildings were vertical they would at least mimimize the effect.

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