Should commercial fishing be banned worldwide?

Asked by: 11kennardb
  • What's it's use?

    Fish isn't required for our bodies, and fish take a while to reproduce.
    Not to mention the fact that Fishing boats pollute our oceans more and more.
    And even after a fishing trip sometimes the boat's going to have to go through Huge tides, that can drop fish back into the ocean.

  • We don't need fish.

    Fish is not required for human life. Not only that, commercial fishing destroys massive populations of fish, many of which are not even eaten once caught (as they are not fit for human consumption). Methods used on large fishing boats damage the ocean floor, destroying vital ecosystems along with taking away the wild fish from their habitat. Many species (cod, for example) are becoming overfished, and restoring their population back to its former glory will take a long time. Not only that, removing large fishing boats from the oceans will reduce the amount of pollutants released into the sea, again, being a positive effect for the environment.

  • Should we ban fishing?

    Yes I think we should ban fishing because about 1,763,000 fish a caught and dead every year. Also, fishermen may catch baby fish and not even know it. If they catch baby fish they wont be able to have babies of there own then we will have less fish in the ocean or lake.

  • Commercial fishing kills over 1000 fish a year I think it should be banned because

    1its bad and pollutes the ocean
    2 it kills everything
    3 how do the know what they're fishing?
    4 pregnant fish get caught
    5 I love sea life and soon they'll all be gone :/
    6 and how do you think the fish feel?
    We need to give sea life time to repopulate

  • Fish will become extinct

    Fish will eventually become extinct if commercial fishing doesn't get stopped soon. Sure people may have a high demand for fish but if they want it that bad why don't they go somewhere and fish in their own little boat instead of relying on big fishery's to pillage the seas to for fill their needs

  • Fishing should be banned

    Fishermens' boats can release oil into the ocean which can kill fish. Fishermen tend to leave their trash on land and that trash floats deep into the ocean. Overfishing still happens till this day and it can lead to the extinction of fishes. These are the problems of fishing and it's why fishing should be banned.

  • Fishing should be banned

    Because it kills animals when fisherman drop the net or catch dolphins and dolphins are adddooorraabbllee!!!!!???
    Fishing now also affects the eco-system because lots of creatures survive on fish and especially shark people may not like sharks because of their teeth but some people need sharks in the ocean!!!!?? I have no idea what im doing

  • The commercial fishing industry will end up destroying itself.

    By excessively fishing, we will have no marine life. The World Wildlife fund estimates that the commercial fishing industry is 200 to 300 times bigger than we can sustain long-term. If we over fish, then there will obviously be scarce amounts of fish. Thousands of jobs and a lot of money will be lost. And those people who depend on fish will die since there will be no fish. We at least need to ban commercial fishing for a little while so that the fish species can recover from the damage we've done.

  • We should ban commercial fishing

    Ever gone out to find that after spending 30 dollars on bait and petrol you come back with nothing! After that we spend 30 dollars in the supermarket buying fish. Much more fish will be in the ocean and much more for recreational fishers to catch. For those who can't catch fish they will have to live without

  • I ban it

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  • It's pivotal for some people.

    Not all of us have to live off of fish, that's a given. You go to any fishing village, or a small coastal village, there would be a good chance that you see a lot of people who depend on fish. So you'll be seeing the complete opposite compared to people who live in cities or other communities. Some people have to fish 24/7, 365 days a year just to make a living. Banning commercial fishing will be foolish and senseless to do. It would be like banning people (who are not fishermen) from fishing. How would they be able to make a living? Some of them only know how to fish, so their future would be a huge question mark because they wouldn't know what to do next.

  • We need it!

    Commercial fishing creates jobs, which increases profits. Which increases the number of jobs. Which are needed! I support the preservation of the seas, and life forms in the seas. We could have restrictions. Such as not damaging the population of fish and other life forms not so much, damaging the sea floor etc.

  • Helps feed the population

    As long as the fish population isn't endangered, why not? Fish has vitamins which are needed for our health. Have some restrictions though. To prevent the sea floor being damaged, life forms habitats also damaged etc. Commercial fishing also created jobs. Quite a few countries could use some jobs, you know.

    It also helps the economy.

  • Human extermination has to start somewhere.

    Eliminating an important source of high quality protein for people around the world would be an important first step in removing us as a blight from the planet. Once commercial fishing is eliminated, many humans will turn their hungry maws on other sources of nutrition inland they don't really need, which is a convenient argument that can cover any food besides fresh water. The destruction of inland habitats for agriculture to meet the needs of humans could be targeted for elimination one product at a time. Probably starting with cattle or hog production, but an alternative would be to exploit the recent popular skepticism toward high-fructose corn syrup to begin eliminating corn farming.

  • I Prefer Commercial Fishing

    Commercial fishing shouldn't be banned worldwide. It provides consumers with a fresh and natural product, and is an essential part of our diets and marketplace. I would rather have fishing vessels operate under strict regulation than to farm-raise our fish supply artificially. When the government properly regulates the fishing of any species, and holds vessels accountable for their fishing practices, there is no environmental harm. If any action were to be taken, I would institute a boycott of all illegitimate or inhumane fishing practices, and only do business with responsible fisheries and vessels.

  • Commercial Fishing In Australia Should Be Banned

    People agree that commercial fishing creates more job opportunities, which increases profits. People also agree to support the preservation of the seas, and life forms in the seas. People think that we could have restrictions, such as not damaging the population of fish and the marine environment. People think that commercial fishing shouldn't be banned in Australia because they believe the government can regulate the commercial fishing, and if people account for their fishing practices, there is no environmental harm. However, commercial fishing kills thousands of fish every year and this is contributing to pollution which will damage oceans which can have a huge impact in the future for the quality and quantity of water supply. Commercial fishing is a very bad for these environments because it is depleting its resources at a rapid rate.

  • I ban it

    Fishing should be banned because overfishing ultimately results in rising depletion. In recent years ‘bag limits’ have been reduced, however they still allow recreational fishers to catch for more than they require. Many popular species of fishing include king george whiting, snapper and salmon have been so heavily targeted that they have become less common in the previous year's. Studies indicate 94 million tonnes of fish are being caught every year, but in 2012 only 67 million tonnes of fish where caught.

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  • No just no

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  • No no no

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Mike01506 says2014-05-21T13:51:57.387
Not banned, it should be monitored and controlled.
billietheunicorn says2018-11-22T11:05:03.253
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