Should commercials be under oath to tell the consumer the truth?

  • Yes I do.

    Now of course people can put things like "Superfood" and "Best TV Ever!!!!" on their commercials, but real things that are true like "Comes with 50 channels" or "Has extra breathing holes for your feet!" must be the truth so you can't get screwed. Maybe in the future there will be so many fake reviews and such that you'll have no idea what you're buying.

  • If the product does not work the consumer will waste money buying the product.

    Yet the producer should have freedom in what they say, do, sell, etc. If they don't it would cause them trouble to, so if they did not take the oath and lied they would have to refund money and pay the shipping. So if the product does not work and the producer is under oath and didn't know that the product had a malfunction then they would not have to refund the money but would have to pay for shipping it back.

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