• Obviously it will work

    Schools will have higher ratings if they have higher standards. Also people will work harder to get better grades. If Schools didn't have higher standards then scores will decline even more. We have better scores already and we are just getting into common core. We need higher scores per school. If we do not have higher schools we won't get into better colleges.

  • Older students will struggle!

    I am an 8th grader that had common core start in my current grade, and this common core is doing nothing but make the school year more challenging then last year. This common core has made my math grade in the zone of an F and a C, while my grade before common core was an A or a B.

  • Common Core is designed to fail

    First of all, a national standard for public education NEVER works. States have implemented a one-size-fits-all policy but the educational results have only declined.
    Second, there's a cost issue. Washington State reported that it would take 300 million dollars to implement CC. Some states have said it will take a much as 759 million dollars! All this will be burdened on the taxpayers.
    Finally, it teaches that stuff like "homosexuality is ok". But homosexuality is a sin. Our government is trying to teach kids the wrong subjects. They shouldn't even be involved in matters like that at all. There's little to no reason to pass CC at all.

  • Common Core is not an improvement on our public school curriculum

    Common core is ostensibly to create uniformity among schools from state to state. Public education now focuses on testing results rather than teaching concepts and critical thinking. Common core will be more of the same, and it won't change how schools are judged. It won't make our students more competitive on a global scale. It will just make some textbook company a lot of money.

  • School Districts Should Adopt Standards

    Much like colleges and universities can gain accreditation from various sources, individual school districts should determine what educational standards to follow. Common core is something new for school districts to follow and it will probably confuse more educators than it helps. There are already too many national standards--we don't need another one. The taxpayers of each school district ultimately have the authority to set standards when they elect school board members.

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