• Common Core is stupid

    If I correctly recall, I think this congress women said 1+1 can equal 3 as long as you justify it. NO 1+1 cannot equal three. Math isn't English or debate where you have to justify things, it's more like a puzzle or a rule you have to follow to get a solution. Common Core is supposed to make you think but it seems to me many kids don't really understand the new concepts they are teaching and seemed more confused by it. Why would you need to "improve" the old method of teaching if it has already has worked in the past and is still practical? Why is the government even in charge of our education?

  • The commen core should be repelled by congress.

    The commen core putts so much pressure on the students and half of the kids don't kno how to type properly. The commen core should be repealed by the government because even though some students around the world know the commen core curriculum but others don't. The congress should make the tests specific to what the kids know.

  • Common core should be reopened by congress

    The students Are not redy for the tests there is a lot of pressure put on the kids and half of them don't know how to type properly. And even though some places throughout the world know the common core curriculum others don't. The government should make it specific to what the students already know.

  • Common core should be repelled by congress

    All students are doing these days in school is preparing for tests and quizes. A lot of pressure is put on them to get a good grade and study a lot. If a kid is in a higher class, the harder the test is, the more stressful the student gets. Along with all of the homework and regular class work, tests can just push kids over the edge.

  • It's a leftist written policy

    I had to write a paper on Common Core & found that many of the text books were politically left sided. One history textbook went as far to change the original wording of the 2nd amendment. The selection opportunities for teachers to choose for their schools were decidedly left. The science selection itself was overwhelmingly written pro climate control. The English literature omitted many literary giants & replaced with social injustice selections rather than just good examples of great literature. Political science promotes a group working environment rather than trying to promote individual excellence. Also it promotes a sharper division between the wealthy & working class, blaming the wealthy unjustly for many ills we face.

    The biggest push from Common Core is to change the ideology throughout K - 12 grades so as it will change the political flavor of America to the left because academia is overwhelmingly left. Kids should be shown all aspects of the political spectrum without bias so they can choose without that type of years long indoctrination.

  • What Good Does it Bring...???

    Seriously, what good does it do. For example in math, the students have to write and explain, whats the point. I never took common core but from what I see it confuses people. For example explaining what they did in math, I love math because there is no writing involved and its straight to the point and I'm sure there are students like this. Many students can get confused from this.

  • Common Core is very beneficial

    The American education system is in dire need of reform. It lags behind that of other developed countries. What Common Core does is set out a list of standards that each student must reach (or exceed) in order to pass each grade. The Common Core Standards are a basic framework for how schools educate their students (and I feel like even that is giving it more substance than it actually has) in an attempt to standardize and improve upon the American education system. I cannot see how this is possibly anything but helpful. Anyone who's actually read what the standards are has realized (or at least should realize) that these are fairly sensible standards that all students should be able to meet and most should exceed. And it works! Look at Kentucky, the first state to adopt the standards. After three years, it's graduation rate, standardized test scores, and the number of students "ready for college or a career" all significantly increased. Common Core works very well. If anything, it should be expanded! Throw some basic programming into the mix! Or better yet, it should be combined with the Next Generation Science Standards, as Common Core has no standards for science or social studies! But I digress.

    The Common Core Standards are trying to overhaul a failing American school system and are, so far, doing so successfully.

  • Common core is not the devil.

    The "new" things that people keep talking about are not new at all. They are the best of breed teaching methods put into a standard.

    I have gone round-and-round on the math questions. I think people are so comfortable in what they know, they are unwilling to look at anything they perceive as "new" without prejudice .

    Posted by: TBR
  • Common Core is an idea.

    Common Core is just the list of standards. All states had standards before Common Core, and most states have edited their standards every 5-10 years. There is nothing in Common core that was not already in education before - just an agreement by states to use the same standards instead of 50 different sets. Congress is not involved - it is a state-by-state decision.
    Most of the reported issues have to do with how schools try to implement new curriculum to fit. There are no Social Studies or Science standards that are part of Common Core - so for those who have issues with the way Science and SS are taught - that has nothing to do with Common Core.
    Math standards want students to be able to do math in more than one way and be able to explain how they got their answer (which is exactly how I was taught 30 years ago.) 1+1 always equals 2, but knowing why will help students understand more math later on. Teachers and curriculum writers who do not themselves understand the standards have created some poor materials early on - but many more great activities have been developed and shared.
    If you are at a school that has trouble with implementation - sorry - but in the long run, trying to get all students everywhere to have a common set of math and language skills that are at a high level is a very worth goal.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-02-23T18:01:37.647
I'm not American, so I won't comment, but from what I hear from my local news, common core seems to be based on strange maths that complicates things rather than helping the child.