Should Communism in China be considered the most successful Communist regime in history?

  • Not saying much

    Saying that China's the most successful communist regime is true but funny, and makes little sense. China has survived, but only after morphing into a one party oligarchy mixed with free market capitalism, not true communism. China, when truly communist and collectivist, actually had widespread famines that led to the deaths of tens of millions.

  • Large Nation, Huge Regime

    China has been the most successful Communist regime in history simply because it is in a huge country and it outlasted the Soviet Union. China has adapted some of its policies moving forward so the country and its economy hasn't become stale. Eventually, Chinese leaders will have to relax some socialist principles and allow the free market to take over or else China will collapse much like the USSR.

  • A powerful nation

    Yes, I think the communism in China today is definately the most powerful communist party we have ever seen in this world. They have a lot of wealth today in China, and have rose up to become one of the most powerful nations that lead the world's markets and trade.

  • Really? You Didn't Know

    Well, China is not a communist country and hasn't been for a while now. When China was communist her people starved. Even though China was propped up by the U.S.S.R. Which was propped up by the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. Which is why the Stalin, aided by Churchill and Roosevelt was able to build such a massive military before WWII. Which is (of course) which Hitler attacked the Soviet Union first. To beat Stalin, who had million of troops on the German border, to the punch. There has never been a finacially solvent Communist country, but communism has created the worst mass murderers in history. Sad people have to be told these things they should already know.

  • China is successful, but how successful depends on the measuring stick.

    If we want to measure the "most successful" communist country by it's superiority over all other countries in the world at that time, China may just be the most successful communist country ever. If we want to measure longevity, Russia may have them beat depending on how you judge the time frame. Russia would also beat them in scientific advancement, and income. People like to forget that during the industrial explosion, the only real competitors were the USSR and the USA.

  • It was the biggest Communist failure outside the Soviet Union.

    I would hardly call China's version of Communism the most successful anything. Starting with the Cultural Revolution and lasting until the least the mid-1980s, more than 45 million Chinese people died due to famine, torture, and political imprisonment. It wasn't until they started adopting capitalist attitudes and become Communism in name only that the country prospered.

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