• Yes communists should be killed and tortured. They are self obsessed luciferian control freaks.

    All communists are satanists, deceivers and tricksters. They are control freaks and self interested and live as parasites. Many are ultra rich but deny others riches. They hate God and worship satan. They continuously ignore problems they create but blame others when it all goes wrong. They are also antiwhite racists who hate indigenous Europeans.

    Kill them all painfully.

  • The only good communist is a dead one

    Communism is a disease for the week and lazy so they can be blood suckers and suck the life blood out of hard working fokes. It no wounder that uni students want Communism because they wasted 8 years on a political science degree or woman studies and only got a BA and cant do anything with it so they move home and when there working in a dead end job some were for min wage they get greedy and what to take it from others because they are entitled little shits that think they deserve it because they went to school and can think like there commie profs so in closing the only good commie is a dead commie

  • Communists are not human beings

    It's not really murder of torture if the people you are killing have no soul or form of intelligence. Communists deserve nothing more than to be tortured until the point of death and then left to die as punishment for their wish to spread a horrible ideology that would cause far more and far worse deaths than if the communists were just killed.

  • Communist Are Faggot Bastards

    Communism has killed more people than the holocaust over all. I believe that communists should be hunted captured and publicly executed. However, We should not waste the bullets to shoot them, the rope to hang them, the venom to inject them, the electricity to fry them or even the sharpening to stab them. I believe we should have communists strangle themselves as not to waste non-communist resources.

  • The only good communist is a dead one.

    Communism is a disease that takes ahold of the poor and uneducated. It makes the least productive people in the state on equal footing with the most productive and gives them the means of production. Polish mercenary Rafal Gan-Ganowicz was asked how it feels to kill people, he responded: "I wouldn't know, I only killed communists."

  • Communists aren't people. Communism is like a parasite that infests and slowly destroys its host nation.

    That is the most concise way to put it. History has shown time and time again that Communism is an unsustainable and incredibly oppressive system. When you look deeply into Communism's origins you will see that it is an inherently Jewish creation designed to enslave an entire nation of people for the benefit of a tiny portion of the population. Communists are a net detriment to any society that allows them to exist, and as such should be physically removed from existence.

  • Killing communists is necessary for the White Race to exist.

    As it is a jewish ideology, formed explicitly to enslave the White Race, it must be eradicated wherever it's poisonous head pops up. As we all know, the jew has been behind every horrific, freedom killing political ideology known to mankind. Dare I take this one step further and I also advocate the extermination of the jew as well. Communism is to judaism as terror is to islam. As far as torture, only if we needed to get info as to the whereabouts of more communist vermin. Bullets to the head, dumped in a mass grave, be done with them.

  • Better dead than red, this is a matter of self-defence

    Communism, by denying the people their basic human rights, most importantly property rights, is an immoral ideology that hurts all those it subjects. As such, the advocacy of communism is a direct declaration of hatred towards others, who you would affect with your autistic ideology. Therefore, as an act of violence, it is subject to self-defence. Self-defence being execution.

  • They should be imprisoned and/or executed

    Communism has caused nothing but some of the worst wars, genocide, and oppression through out it's years in fact in the marxist/communist ideology in order to commuisn to happen in a nation there mis be a "revolution" aka a war. Examples: Chinese civil war, Russian civil war, Soviet union killed 50 million, Communist china killed over 100 million. These numbers show me that commuism should be stopped both ideologically and physically

  • Stalin did it, why not follow his path?

    War crimes are war crimes no matter who did it. Communism is a flawed system like many others, but not many Political system kill their own population for their cause. Why would a war crime against their own people be less insane and horrible than a war crime against other nations?

  • No... Come on now

    What... Do you want to kill and enslave anyone who has a difference in opinion? You are the communist if you believe that.

    Please allow different views and lifestyles without needing to silence them. If everyone understood that, communists and libertarians could live side by side, and whoever has the best system is where people would want to move and live at.

  • You can't kill someone for what they THINK.

    Otherwise you could be sentenced for murder because you want to kill the bumbling idiot who forgot his check book in the grocery line.
    But you SHOULD take action for what people DO. The second a commie actually tries to take action to subvert a democratic government, destroy them by any means necessary.

  • Duh how ignorant.

    What an idiot question that is so stupid it doesn't deserve an answer. People should never be tortured and killed. Communists? What, are you friggin five? Why should anyone be tortured or killed for political beliefs? Why would anyone even ask such an ignorant stupid and brainless friggin question. Christ!

  • No they should not...

    Nobody should be tortured, period.

    Communists should be executed if they have committed, and been judged guilty of, a capital offense by a competent authority--just like non-Communists. Simply adhering to Communism as an economic idea is not a crime, let alone a capital crime. It's a stupid idea, but so is creationism, and we don't kill people for believing in that.

  • Communists should not be executed and tortured.

    In a free country, you are allowed to believe in any ideology you chose. Even if it is unpopular, you have a right to believe in it and to identify as a member of a political party. Although Communism is not popular and it doesn't work, people have a right to belive in it in peace.

  • Love not judge

    Hmm... Should communists be executed? Communism is a theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members. Communists, who follow this system, believe in what is says and supports. They shouldn't be executed for their beliefs. If that were the case, then should Christians be executed for not supporting homosexuality?

  • No, Communists should not be executed and tortured.

    This is a horrible question. Anyone who asks this clearly doesn't have a stable state of mind. It's an absurd question. People who are Communist want to live that way. They have pride in themselves for not falling to other economic types. What if a Communist came up to a Capitalist and asked, "Do you think your kind should be executed and tortured?" It's unfair. Not everyone has to agree on economics.

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