Should communities work completely united or should each person be independent?

Asked by: Arlanpoison
  • United to work, independent for fun

    We should be united in work to make our communities a better place according to objective things such as health, safety, and good infrastructure and transportation. However, people should be independent for fun. A person should not feel pressured to go to bars just because that's what everyone else is doing, especially if that person is contributing more to the community in terms of their hard work. And if someone finds things which are productive and that most find boring or strenuous "fun" all the better. They should not be chastised for choosing to work more.

  • United We Stand

    If we all worked as a whole it would be easier to make sure everyone has the same rights. We could pool all of our money to pay off the groups debt, then all of the profit made by each person would be added to a single sum owned by the community.

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