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  • Yes it should college is expensive

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  • Yes we do need colleges to be free.

    I really do not know what to say because i am a young little dumb boy who thinks community colleges should be free. Dang it I still need 20 words. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 done.

  • Help poor student break into the middle class

    Many European countries already provide free four year colleges. The least we can do here is ensure that everyone has at least some degree of higher education. By the standards of other developed countries, the difference between rich and poor here is insane, and education is the only practical way to easily break into the middle class. Yes, community colleges are already affordable...By middle class standards. But the poor, who struggle to even put food on the table, don't necessarily have the resources.

    Not only would free CC help to increase class mobility in the US, it would also lead to a more educated populace, which is just what the US needs if it wants to stay a world leader.

  • Yes, community colleges should be made free.

    Education is important in any country. Many people wishing to have college level education are unable to do so due to the huge cost of college education. By making it free, many who can not afford to educate themselves will be given an opportunity to study. In the future this people will contribute to a growth on the economies of their countries.

  • Education should not be free

    Firstly community colleges are affordable. Secondly education of any kind is by no means a right. It is something you must pay for. The same goes with health care. The taxpayer is not obliged to pay for someone's food, accomadation, health care or education. If someone cannot afford college he/she should get a job and pay for it. Alternatevely he/she can taje a student loan from a PRIVATE bank. Student loans from the goverment must also end. If someone is too lazy to work, he/she has no right to denand any education. Restore free market capitalism and freedom in America because the socialists in the White House are taking these two things away.

  • No free college for students.

    Although it sounds like a great idea, giving away community college to students will lessen the value of it. Community college will become a right people feel they are entitled to, a benefit which people will abuse. Education has true value when the learner has something vested in the learning process.

  • Community Colleges are already pretty affordable

    Most of the time, the reason for students not fulfilling community college courses has to do with a multitude of other issues, such as time, energy, other responsibilities and work related schedules that interfere with completion of those courses. Giving away free college tuition will make little dent in the graduation rate without offering solutions to the many problems that prevent people from pursuing their larger goals and dreams.

  • Nothing is free; somebody is paying for it.

    Nothing is free; somebody is paying for it. Everything the government provides for "free" comes from the pockets of someone. It's important to support the poor and provide for the security of your people. But government has no money by itself. It simply takes from some people and distributes it to others. Community college is not a necessity of life that should be paid for by strangers as a forced coercison of government.

  • "Free" college is a lie.

    Free college will never be free. The liberal commies will try and tell you that it's a possibility but it's a huge lie. The government doesn't pay for anything, the government has no money. A country that is this far in debt could never make "free" college a reality. The middle class gets bent over and screwed and taxed out the butt in this situation and never benefits. Middle fingers up to the libbys, socialism doesn't stand.

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  • No money to pay teachers

    Higher taxes would be needed ( gf fg f fg gfg f f gf fgf ff f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f )

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