Should community service be required to graduate high school?

  • There should be 100 hours of service donated

    Schools are paying 1.8 billion dollars for children to have an education and we should equal it out so it is fair and the children of Hawaiʻi could have a sucessful future in college and could be good, hard workers. I also think public school families take advantage of what they have.

  • It would be a great learning opportunity!

    Maybe some students might not know where to start with community service. So if it was mandatory they would be given a perfect opportunity for those who love to participate in activities like this, students who don't know where to start, and those who would like to try with there friends.

    Also this could relive some stress from school assignments as you relax and help others in need or improve your community.

  • Why Not Help?

    Recently, the school in my town has gotten rid of the mandatory 40 hours of community service needed to graduate. I think that some of the students found it to be a nuisance and got in the way of their social lives. I believe that it should be mandatory because the town that you go to school in is paying for your education with tax money, and this is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community. Community service also helps with work experience, and labor. It will help students decide what they are and are not cut out for in the work force.

  • Yeah it is very necessary

    This is beneficial to both the kids and the community because the community has more things done in a short period of time with all the help and the kids get the learning and working experience. Of course its hard work along with everything else that teenagers are doing in those years but hard work doesn't hurt especially when it is going to your credits it is not like you have to do it everyday just a certain minimum of hours.

  • It should definitely be required

    There is no way that this would be a bad idea. Many people are saying this is a bad idea just because they are lazy. This would be a great opportunity for the students to grow and learn and help the community. It's a great learning opportunity for the students and help them learn about the world. School is kids sitting in a class room learning, this community service will allow the kids to get out of the class room and help out.

  • I know it not the best thing to do but your not for yourself!!! And you'll have help and think of others..Please

    It's a good idea because you can put it on a work application and you'll make good friend and they can always recommend you and it would look pretty darn cool on a collage interview.Think of how you will make others feel, you would probably put a smile on there faces,and it won't kill you.

  • Yes, because it helps me grow

    High school students should be required to do community service. There are many benefits of doing community service such as making a difference, helping others, teamwork, and a better diploma rate. There is a great variety of options of community service. This is a controversial subject because people say it is slavery or it is not a good experience.
    Making a difference helps high school students learn more about the environment. Picking up trash from the beach is making a difference. Planting more trees helps the environment because of how many they cut down. Picking up trash from the ocean helps so the ocean does not become toxic.
    Another community service is helping others. Helping other is one of the greatest community service to me because your helping other people. Helping others is a very, very kind way of community service. And you should also always help others even if they don`t need it.
    Another good benefit in community service is teamwork. Teamwork will help in the future with a job that you`ll need help with. Teamwork will help with making new friends. It helps when you’re really busy with work.
    Also doing community service helps with a better diploma rate. You`ll get accepted into a bunch of collages. You can also get a better scholarship. Your diploma rate will be better.
    Community service is great for high school student in the future. It will help what you will become in the future when you get older. I have done community service in my neighborhood like helping moving my neighbors plants into a garage and I feel GREAT  about it. It is so much fun helping people in your community.

  • Yes, it should absolutely be required.

    Community service is essential to make sure the youth know that helping their community without pay is the morally correct thing to do. Even if its 10 hours of service, they can break it up into different tasks, a hour at the soup kitchen, a hour picking up trash at the beach, etc... Will never hurt anyone. "Involuntary Labour" is an excuse for being selfish and not willing to help others, which is essential in any society.

  • It's An Easy Yes!

    Our community funds our schools for education. When students do volunteer work it gives back to the community for what the community does for us! If they are busy they can spread out there time easily. Make small chunks of volunteer work and it will be a big great change.

  • Yes, it is a teaching tool.

    Yes, community service should be required to graduate high school, because community service is an effective teaching tool for students. Students need experience working in the real world. Students need to learn the importance of a community. Students go to school to become citizens of their local and global community, not just to learn how to read and write.

  • No Because It is Slavery

    If high school education is required, and community service is required of the child, then it results in INVOLUNTARY LABOUR, which is banned by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Therefore, I do not believe that community service should be required as it uses slavery (which is defined as the use of involuntary labour).

    Posted by: WXL
  • It's for the wrong reasons

    Mandatory community service will cause students to do a half hearted, worthless service, simply to get the necessary hours rather than to actually help the community. Community Service becomes nothing more than an inconvenience for students. It makes students akin to penitentiary inmates who work because they are being forced to, not because they want to.

  • No Community Service shouldn't be a requirement

    This doesn't have anything to do with the students education. It doesn't have a purpose. Why waste there time? They don't want to do the community service so I am not going to let you force my child into doing so. Plus the rates aren't looking good for yall. Its 60% against 40%

  • It is slavery

    Were not voluntring they are forcing us to work and its a waste of time because have to study for exams and quizzes so that's why they should not force us to do community survas we should focus on something else like our studies or working or looking for college applications

  • Forcing community service is a punishment

    1. Schools should't be allowed to force students to do something that they don't want to do. If someone doesn't want to do the community service, the school shouldn't force it.
    2. In court, the judge will sometimes sentence people to community service as a punishment for committing a crime.
    3. Straight A students who ace the SATs should't not be allowed to graduate for not doing something that they didn't want to do.
    4. Schools shouldn't have control over what students do outside of school. It is the school's job to worry about them IN school.
    5. If community service is required, some people may not want to do it. Also, requiring community service takes away from the experience.

    Therefore, community service should not be a requirement to graduate high school.

  • Not at All

    When schools force students to do community service, the students are less helpful than someone who already has university experience. Community service wastes time that could be spent trying to graduate faster (with advanced placement programs) and with better grades than if they had spent studying time doing community service so that people can end up with more skills to help the community with than picking up trash and licking envelope seals.

  • Detracts from the experience

    Forcing community service detracts from the experience and emotional benefit you get from it. You need to volunteer for community service, not be forced into it. Also, if you are forced into an area of community service that you are not interested in just to finish a requirement then you may not be as interested in the work leading to a negative experience with community service which would detract from future community service opportunities.

  • Forcing community service is a punishment!

    1. Students shouldn't be forced to do something that they don't want to do. What students do outside of school is not the school's problems.
    2. Forcing community service can make it less enjoyable, and it takes away from the experience.
    3. Straight A students who ace the SATs, shouldn't be kept from graduating because they did't do community service that they didn't want to do.
    4. Having to meet a big community service requirement can stress students out, which is not good for them. Also, it can take away from their free time.
    5. Some students already have booked lives, and don't have time to do community service. So it's unfair to tell students that they can't graduate for doing something they don't have time for. Also, people have after school activities that they LIKE doing, and it's unfair for them to stop doing them so that they can meet a stupid community service requirement.
    6. In court, the judge will sometimes sentence people to community service as a punishment for committing a crime.

    Therefore, community service should not be a requirement to graduate high school. It shouldn't be the school's decision, and it stresses people out. Forcing community service is basically a punishment.

  • Prisoners get paid for work performed.

    In America we have the option to perform labor free of charge for the community, it is called VOLUNTERRING. I don't believe in working for free and I give my children the option of having their own choice; they choose to do so, and their decisions are totally fine with me. However, to be forced to do so on top of their school work and home chores is just wrong. Even prisoners that have killed people and sold drugs are compensated for the work they perform within the prison.
    Also, we live in a very rural are without public transport. Does the school actually expect for my wife or I to rearrange our schedules and provide the time and fuel for our children to do something that we ourselves don't believe in??? This policy is absurd at the least. GIVE OUR CHILDREN THE CHOICES that are given in a realistic world. If given CHOICES as adults, give them the choice so they know what life is like I the real world.

  • It's not voluntary

    If you have to do community service than it's not voluntary, the whole idea of it is it has to be out of the goodness of your heart and if you are doing it just to graduate than that sort of defeats the whole purpose. Also, if you are doing it to graduate you do not get the good feeling that you get from doing volunteer work and it defeats the purpose.

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