• Yes, they should.

    As long as the bosses are aware of the relationship and one partner does not have power over the other, such as giving raises or promotions, then relationships should be allowed. People who spend a lot of time together are going to date, and as long as they do not let it interfere in the workplace then then it isn't a bad thing.

  • You can't stop it.

    Yes, companies should allow their employees to date, because companies are not going to be effective in stopping employees from dating. Companies can either allow it, or they can try to stop it while employees try do it under the table. Work is a fine place to find a like-minded person to date.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe companies should allow their employees to date. I think a person has a right to do as they please outside of the work environment and dating is something that happens outside of work. A company should not be allowed to interefere with an employees private life, in my opinion.

  • Yes, as long as they are equals.

    I see no reason for employees not to date, as long as one is not supervising the other. If the employees are on equal footing within the company, and can behave professionally in the work place, there is no reason to prohibit them from dating. However, I do think that supervisors should be prohibited from dating their subordinates.

  • Bad for Business, Generally

    If you're a business owner, the last thing you'd do is to have your key people from hooking with each other and have business productivity suffer as a result. This can happen through three factors:

    1) First it will result in an emotional flare or instability if that relationship breaks down.

    2) If the relationship does work however, they will get distracted and not totally "present" in the workforce.

    3) If they get married, imagine the implication of that lady becoming pregnant; having pregnancy leave etc.

    It's a bad idea.

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