Should companies be able to make money off of schools?

  • Yes, I think companies should be able to make money off of schools.

    I think a company providing products and services to a school system should expect to make a profit off of those products and services, I think school systems in general should aggressively search for the highest quality but lowest price they can get for these products and services so taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck.

  • Yes, they should.

    I think they should. Most companies exist to make a profit, it is how they are able to employ workers and make their goods. While schools undeniably provide a useful service, they shouldn't be exempt from having to pay for goods that they need, doing so would cause issues for our economy.

  • Companies should not make a profit off of schools.

    I do not believe that corporations should be allowed to profit in any way from schools. If there is an opportunity in a school to make money, it should be done, however that money should go directly toward the operation of that school. This is a government and tax-payer establishment, and corporations should not be allowed to profit from it.

  • No They Shouldn't

    The school is America are funded by the citizens taxes to provide an education to the children of America. I think it goes against the purpose of the schools for businesses to target school in order to make money. I believe we need to stop worrying so much about capitalizing on every possible situation and try to devote more energy to doing the right thing, instead.

  • no they shouldn't

    Companies should not be able to make money off o schools, because our education system is corrupt enough as it is. Incorporating the influence of business, companies, and their motives would have awful results. Our education should have no influence of a greedy coorporation. Colleges are already only a few steps away from being a "greedy corporation" let's not do the same to lower level education.

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